Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've got a brand new site for all of you icon lovers to go to~!

It's in Japanese, so here's where you go to get to the icons.
At the top, click on the word "Item"
It'll be in Japanese, but up at the top, it'll say "for English information, click here." Click on the 'here'.
Read the rules if you like, then scroll down. You'll see the words "Click to proceed." and a picture of a girl. Click on her.

And there you go! Click on any text in the left hand column to get started and get to collecting~ If you're in the Background section, you can actually click on the images to see what it would look like as a background, and click on the stars above to see what it would look like mixed together!

Be sure you check out this person's affiliates too. There's so many pretty icons between them all~!

If you don't know how to use these icons, this post should explain everything you need to know.

Am I the only one who hates rain?

I feel like I am, because all of my friends love it. I don't mind looking at it, and the scent of it is wonderful, but to be in it, I don't like it at all.

It makes my hair all frizzy, and my clothes cling, driving in it is terrible, and sometimes it's so loud that I can't keep my windows open like I like to. If every time I was outside, it didn't rain, that would be great.

Although I do love my umbrella. It's big and cute, and it protects me from most of the downpour. But usually, I'm caught outside without it....

I'll check the weather, and it'll say it's only to be cloudy. Of course, I step outside and head to my destination, and it starts pouring, with only a sweatjacket to save me, and sometimes not even that.

And every time I take my umbrella with me, it's nothing but clear, sunny skies. It's not opaque, so I can't even use it to block the sun.

But what makes this rain worse is that it's a temporary temperature. At night, the temp will drop, and all of that rain will freeze, over our cars, over our streets, over our sidewalks and porches. Then the rain itself will freeze, and cover everything with a layer of snow!

I can only hope that the temperature picks up again and melts it away before I have to go out and do something.

Don't count on it. It's only going to get colder for the next few days....

Oh winter, I wouldn't dislike you if you could manage yourself properly. Be more like spring; you can keep all the water, but less of that ice trying to injure and kill us all. We've got places we can go to if we desire all of that, thank you.

Christmas is now 9 days away~  We celebrate on the 24th, however, so I have even less of a wait.
I love Christmas time. Yeah, it's full of that dreadful snow, but the way the lights twinkle under them is so magical~

I'm really tempted to spend some cash on myself.... I'm trying not to. I've already got my family taken care of, so the money I have left would just be spare. But I shouldn't. I should really keep this money for if I need it!

Fortunately, whenever I start looking at items to buy, I see their price and think, that's so much.... I've said that even for $5 things! I think my Capricorn miserly ways are finally coming out. Mixed blessing, really....

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