Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hair success, food loss

I really miss my tablet ;_;

The pin curls were a success! ....Err, partially.

But I guess that's my fault. I don't have any curl activator.
My hair kind of went wavy, but then just... fell.... But victory came when I got to a part that curled beautifully~ It was the section I straightened right before to try and get my hair down.

I did it three times.
The first time, I started at 10a and took them out at 3p. Nothing. So I tried again, this time using some hair moisturizer I bought on Amazon on accident (my mistake, I didn't pay attention to the name), thinking maybe a bit of moisture would help it stay in place. Kept them in from 4p (after I came home with more bobby pins) all the way until I woke up this morning at 7a I even took a bath with them on, hoping the heat might seal them in place....

Nope, I took them out the next day and for about 3 minutes, I had barely there waves, but then they all went straight. Only the small part I formed over my eyes stayed in place, ironically the only part that had no moisturizer on it!

What did I do for the final time? I tried lots of hair spray. It did nothing, but the section I straightened previously came out perfect!  Even the section I didn't straighten that was next to the parts I did curled a bit I only had them up for a few hours, though I'm sure they set in way less time than that.

Now that I know the secret is heat after all, I can probably try again after I wash my hair today.  I love how that one little part looks, lol.  I can't use a curling iron to save my life.

Ah~  I feel so gyaru now!   I brushed the curl down a bit, and I love it!  If not for my lack of makeup and my DJ Hero shirt, it'd look like I tried, lol.

One more good thing came of all of this, and that's that my new bobby pins come in black and a copper and black mix, with gold on the other side, in case I want to switch. As a Princess Apprentice ©, I'm planning on having lots of hair pieces. I may need a nice, light colored pin to hold things in place, and now I won't have to buy a whole set just for one ^^

(Also, I now love my camera more than ever~!   My lips look way lighter, even though all I'm wearing in this picture is lipgloss, and my skin doesn't look super yellow like it usually does.  All I did was crop and add lines and text, no adjusting at all~!)

So, we're running low on Thanksgiving food, not that I really want to have any anymore.... We don't have much in the way of ingredients. Lots of spices, pasta, butter, broccoli, nothing I haven't had a billion times before.

I tried out this recipe, because I wanted a new sauce to put on my pasta.



I'm not that bad of a cook. I mean, I can follow directions fine.
But the directions I got... weren't that good....
There were no exact numbers, just approximates.
Dash of this, sprinkle of this, bunch of that. What is that supposed to mean

Then it burnt.
I ended up just putting some Italian salad dressing on it, but I just couldn't eat it, my stomach rejected it, as it tends to when I've ODed on a particular recipe.

I wish we had some tomato sauce. Problem solved....

Well, I better start washing my hair before I get lazy. Ack! But first, I should probably eat something filling, so I don't, like, faint in the shower or something!

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