Friday, December 3, 2010

Mitsu's Giveaway and Ageha

Alright, let me get this out first, one of my favorite blogs, Universal Doll is having a nice giveaway on some of her favorite things.

So far, she's announced that she's including some Diamond eyelashes in Celeb style (some of the most popular types that are usually sold out quickly) and a Christmas edition Alpaca (Arpakasso in Japan) doll, which this doll has been featured everywhere this past year, heck, they've even featured one in this month's Ageha!  She's still revealing what's going to be included, so go check it out, and then go read her other entries. I've learned so much because of her~

Well, speaking of Ageha, was I the only one thrown off by all of these random new faces in their eye makeup section?  I couldn't even recognize Rina Sakurai on the cover!  I was wondering where all of these people came from, only to go "Oh, that's HER?? "  But then there really were people I didn't know!

I don't hate it, but there were just so many of them at once, mixed with so many different looks.
I couldn't tell who was who, who I knew and who I didn't.
Eventually, it went back to normal, and I could recognize people again. I mean, I guess it wasn't life threatening or something, lol, it was just really confusing. I knew they had a crossover book recently, so I didn't know if that was it or not. I would think they'd mention it on the cover if it were though. ...  I don't know.

Besides that total drama, lol, Riho seems to have added highlights to her hair, while Himena has gone to a milk tea brown.  They've switched places, lol!  Is December the time for change?

And on the subject of December, we had snow flurries on the 1st
It was just a few, it didn't last long enough to even make it through to the day.  But it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow.  Snow is kind of a mixed blessing for me.  It's really pretty to look at, but not so fun to be in.  My body's kind of weird.  Most of the time I can handle snow like it's nothing, but it takes a while for my head to catch up with my body.  Suddenly, I realize I'm freezing!   Then there are days where it just hits me as soon as I stand in front of the door!  In the end, I really hate having to drive in it.  They don't shovel the snow on our streets, so when it warms up, and then cools down again, it forms into huge sheets of ice.  It's a good 7 minutes of me sliding about just to get to the main street.  So terrifying!

So, I think more than liking the snow, I really hate it.  Maybe if I lived in a nicer area where they actually drive through and get rid of the snow, I'd like it better.  It's more fun when you're not fearing for your life, you know?

Can you tell I've been getting into My Melody lately? It started with my umbrella that I got from the Sanrio store that I didn't even realize had her until I was walking away (I'm sorry, all I saw were ribbons and hearts! ) but she's a pretty cute Sanrio character~ She's no Pochacco though, but their ears are pretty similar. I guess if I can't have Pochacco, then My Melody is good too, like a female, non sports playing version. Some of these icons I got from Himena's page when she sends things from her phone (yeah, I went through all of her blog entries and saved some icons, but it's okay, because I got to look at all of her pretty pictures too~), although I found a ton at Babydoll's page.

Ack! I'm rambling again. It's bad enough I don't take pictures, now I'm being so boring....


  1. Hii! I saw you on the Bubbi forum. =)
    To be honest, I reeaaally hate snow. I just find it extremely inconvenient since I have to walk to school everyday with posters, my instrument, and all of my textbooks! Snow makes it so difficult...and slippery. T_T
    I can imagine how difficult it is for cars too--you have to scrape off all that ice from your windows and shovel all of your roads!!!!!

  2. @Amyboo
    It's nice to meet you~<3
    I'm with you there, I used to have to walk to school myself -_-; Especially when around here it can get to be a foot tall just overnight! What I really hate most is when it gets warm, so the snow starts to melt, but then it gets cold again, so there's ice everywhere! Once, my car got completely encased in ice, just while I was at work! I had to get a cup of hot water from Subway to thaw out my door!

    I wish you a lot of luck walking around out there! I hope it doesn't get too bad for you ;_;