Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Aftermath

How were your holidays? Did you get something nice? Did you get to be with someone you liked? Did you go somewhere and enjoy yourself?

I had a great Christmas.
I got to be with my family, and I saw my cousin's new baby~
My family loved their gifts, especially Nia. She came in with a hat, but the moment she saw mine, she put it on immediately, and it turns out her favorite color is purple, so the necklace was just right. She was showing it off to everyone! She's turning into a little fashionista~!
The food was quite delicious, and my candies were a hit~ Everyone had a good time with lots of laughter. I love getting together with my whole family.

In the end, I walked away with $290, a gas card, and a bag of fabric and pink sewing notions with a sewing technique book.

Of course, the very next day, I deposited my money and went online shopping~ (since it was actually Christmas at the time)
So, what did I get?

Contact lenses from   I bought E.O.S's Candy Pink and Max Pure Violet.  I was going to just get 2 pinks, but I thought I should get some variety.  Like I said, Eki did a review on the Candy Pink lenses, and they just looked so good and bright on her that I had to get a pair for myself. As for the Max Pure, I was going to get Candy Violet lenses, but I decided to go for a different style. The Max Pure series looked so vibrant on everyone, and that's what I want on my medium brown eyes.

BB Cream and some eyelashes from  Of course I got that Oriental: Gold BB Cream that I've been dreaming of for months.  As for the eyelashes, I got these, these, and these.  The first pair look so big and pretty~  Also, these will be my first pair of bottom lashes.  Mine may be long, but they're just not long enough....  I also got a sample for Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream.  I heard that one was pretty good, so I chose that.

Then I got a bunch of stuff from Bodyline.  I've shopped with them before, and I liked their stuff, pretty good quality, especially for the price.  In fact, even 2 years after I bought all of that stuff, I think only one thing broke, and that was the spider charm that came with one of my skirts, and that was only because it got stuck under something and when I pulled it up, the legs snapped off.  I just replaced it with some clip on crosses from another piece of clothing I bought from them.  Anyway, I bought this dress in pink, a pair of bloomers in black, a mini crown, this headpiece in black, a necklace in pink, a pair of earrings also in pink, and three pairs of stockings.  I also had a hair piece and another pair of earrings in my basket, but by the time I went to buy, they had sold out.   I took too long to think about it. They'll come into stock again eventually, so I'll just keep an eye out, and buy then. $25 for a hair piece, and $20 for shipping, I think I can handle that, and I can always add on a bunch of accessories. With this dress, I may have my first Hime style dress   I know I see the words "You can't turn Lolita dresses into Hime dresses" but I see it happen all the time. You just have to pick the right dresses because sometimes, they're perfect for Hime with the right accessories. I've done a ton of research, so I think I got the right dress for the job. Not that I can wear it out any time soon, lol. And I've been wanting lace stockings for soooooo long. If only they had some in white! I can't find white lace stockings anywhere.

But I think my most important acquisition are these:

I'm trying yet again.  I couldn't resist them.  They were just too cute, and I've been dreaming of them for a whole year!  They cannot elude me again!
I got a pair in pink and a pair in black.   These are the ones I'm crossing my fingers over.  Everything else I got, if they told me they sold out or couldn't get them, I would just shrug and buy something else.  But these, if they sold out of either of these, I would have to wait a really long time to get them again.  Especially those pink ones.  At least with the black, I could try again with the black and pink ones....  If they sold out of pink, that's it!  I'd just have to hope they were popular enough to bring back again!  Hopefully by the time they process my order, a flood of people didn't buy them all.  If I get nothing else, please let me get these shoes!

In the end, I ended up with $60 left, and I'm to get more money this week for my birthday, which I will use towards my final 4 gifts to my friends and Mitsuwa treats. I'm holding off on the book for a little longer, but like I said, it'll be available for a good long while.  My next purchase will actually be a pair of lace socks from Sock Dreams, and some good lace so that I could try to recreate those BtSSB bunny headbands they've long since been sold out of.  I liked theirs since they were cute and wide.  Since I've got a ton of fabric, some leftover wire, and ribbon, I think I can do it.

I suppose I'll have lots of reviews for shops and items coming up soon.  I'm expecting a ton of packages over the next few weeks.

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