Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Musings

Did you notice anything different?
I just made a new Favorites icon~

If you want one your blog too, go here for instructions, and at the part where it says to replace with your link, use the Direct Link one. It was pretty easy, just opened one of the GIFs I've collected in Paint, saved as a PNG, uploaded it to ImageShack, and followed the directions!

Also, are you a complete newbie to makeup like me?  Or maybe you're a makeup junkie always looking for the next thing?

A few days ago, I came across this blog while looking for swatches for BB Creams. She's super informative, and has tons of reviews on makeups and skin care products. If you only care about BB Creams though, she's got a section just for that.


No, I don't get anything for mentioning her blog. I'm only doing this because I really like it!

Anyway, Christmas seems to be just around the corner now.   I have to be honest, I actually didn't realize how close it was, as excited as I was for it. And, it's now a week from my birthday too.   It was so weird! The only reason I actually checked today was because my grandma asked me what I wanted for Christmas this morning, lol. I simply told her money, since I love being in control of what I get. I am the easiest person to shop for, next to my grandpa who's much like me and prefers to handle things by himself, and as such made me promise to only get him a card.

So I guess those cookbook stuff is for her? She opened one of the boxes, and it was nothing but Bobby Flay DVDs. So it looks like my Christmas wish will come true, lol.

My Grandma asked me to make more of those butter candies for the party. Since they're only 3 ingredients and it takes like 30 minutes to make, I figured why not. It's potluck too, so I'll probably have to make lots. I'm excited to give everyone their presents~!

I'm pretty excited though. This morning, I had a dream about owning a whole Hime ensemble, from hair to coat to shoes. Hopefully I get enough money to get it!

I just bought a new shampoo and will be using it tomorrow. It's Garnier's Triple Nutrition. It's got lots of hydrating ingredients which I hope will help my poor hair a lot (as my hair is naturally curly, I not only need help during the winter when it's really dry, but during the summer when it's humid too). I guess I'll let everyone know if it came out alright!  At $3, I don't think I can go that wrong.

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