Friday, December 31, 2010


Are you all excited for the new year?
I am!   I usually don't care, but now that I'm finally accomplishing some goals, I'm a little fired up!

So this year, I think I'll actually do some New Year's resolutions.  Last year, I just wanted to be able to learn basic care, finding out what's good on my hair and skin, learning how to style and put on makeup, things that girls have been learning since high school, lol.

Anyway, since I got to accomplish those goals, maybe I can do more resolutions and fulfill them too!

Get a Good Paying Job
Seriously. In fact, any other resolution bit I have pretty much rely on money anyway, so a new job would be the best of them all.

New Wardrobe
A lot of my wardrobe consists of T-shirts and bigger T-shirts that I've accumulated since middle school, and of the few fashionable items I do own, many aren't really my style.   It's time I buy clothes that make me feel like myself. Also, I could own a few more pairs of shoes. I've got 2 tennis shoes, one pair of flats that just barely don't fit, and one pair of heels that are really nice for Aristocrat Lolita or an office job, but not much more. Of course, there's the two pair I just bought, and as wonderful as they'll (hopefully) be, I can't just wear those two all the time!

On the note of wardrobes, I have next to nothing in the way of jewelry and accessories. I've only just recently gathered a small handful of nice things.

Room Things
My room is.... horrendous. I can't change the walls, but I can certainly add to the decorum. I need new bedding (the blanket I own is not only not in my style anymore, but it's recently began falling apart, and I just lost a pillow earlier), and I don't have a full mirror or a dresser. I still haven't gotten that wardrobe armoire, and I could really use it to hold my random trinkets and clothes. Besides the basics, I could really use some... cute in here. Nothing in here really says 'cute'.   Actually, it doesn't really say anything in here. It's just an assortment of things that have no coordination.   I'm so ashamed of my little room, lol, that's why I never want anyone in here.  I don't even like taking pictures of anything in here, unless it's against the floor.

Taking More Pictures
This one might be easier done, maybe. I'm not big on documenting things, but I'd really like to be. I'm never in pictures with anyone, and I never have pictures of anyone.... I want to be able to go through some pictures and remember what I was doing that day. You have no idea how many hilarious moments I've wanted to document, but couldn't because I didn't bring a camera.

Keeping With My Schedule
I've been terrible at it! I really want to adhere to it, because I like it. It gives me lots of time for sleep, and I get to wake up and do things without rushing.

Proper Diet
Not the 'lose weight' kind of diet.   Much like keeping my morning schedule, I would really like to eat at typical times. As it stands, my body just randomly shouts that it's hungry whenever it feels like it, and, well, I don't like it!  I'd like to learn how to add bentos to my world too.

Those are my goals over the next year. I think the hard ones are the job and the schedule. I just get too caught up in fun shows and YouTube videos....  I think the easiest will be the clothing part.

I think I can do it!  Let's go!  Tiffany fighting~!

In other news, I've gotten 3 of my 9 online orders: my Sock Dreams items, my lace from Etsy, and my order from Bodyline.   I don't really want to do reviews on the Sock Dream things or Bodyline until I get more things in (no review for the lace though, because it's just lace, lol).

So, so far as it stands, it's:
- Yumetenbo (Something about "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment", could be another few weeks)
- Bodyline (Recieved today)
- Pretty & Cute (Added to my order yesterday, so it'll probably arrive next week)
- PinkyParadise (Says it shipped but tracking number still doesn't work)
- Etsy (Received today)
- Sock Dreams (Received yesterday)
- Avon (Just ordered yesterday, should arrive next week)
- TaobaoNow (Ordered yesterday, one item is made to order, could be a couple weeks)
- Strapya World (Ordered yesterday, will probably arrive next week)

I'm especially excited about doing a review for TaobaoNow. I got the idea to finally order from Taobao after seeing their name so many times from a new journal I'm watching by Chirality who did a review on another Taobao shopping site. I looked it up, but I ended up getting a comparison of both. I liked TaobaoNow a little more, because you could see how much you were spending right away, and they had a search function. I liked that it was so streamlined. What did I get? Ah, you'll have to see~ It's really cute! If this works out well, I'll be back to TaobaoNow soon! (that's kind of weird to say)

I can tell you this though, most of what I've gotten so far has been great.   I think only one thing disappointed me, and that's only because my feet were a little bigger, lol.
Besides those things, I've also bought hair pieces, nail polish, new soap, arts and craft stuff, some white lace stockings (yes, I found some, and I didn't even have to order online!), new body soap, and a new face scrub (tons of micro beads, so I can finally actually get this dead skin off of my face for once! Plus it was Noxema brand, and it was on sale~!).

I also got the Fructis Triple Conditioner.  While I was there, they also had the Triple Nutrition spray.  It was $2 off, so I couldn't resist.  It was a great choice! I tried it as soon as I got home, and it worked wonders~  Makes my hair instantly softer!  It's a good size to take with me, for when my hair gets static-y from my coat.  It'll probably be no good to someone with normal to greasy hair, but since I have dry hair, it's great for me.

It was a great December, and it's so wonderful to be able to head out towards finally being myself!

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