Monday, January 3, 2011

Sanrio Watches and New Year Happenings

Are you jealous?

I got this little set from Tara for Christmas! That's all seven of them~! Plus a couple they sold back in 2008!

I hadn't even found out about these things until midway through December when another blog mentioned getting the My Melody one, so I sent a message to Tara asking her if she could set one aside.

Turns out they had been advertising these watches for a while! By the time I got to Tara about them, she said they were in the last week! But she had already made sure they were set aside for me~! She knows me well!!

I think these were the display watches, which is why I ended up with all of them. I say this, because none of them were in their bags, and they all have tape behind them. Not that I was planning on selling any of them, and not that you can see it when worn, of course, so it doesn't matter.

My favorite one, however, is the brown Hello Kitty one. You can't tell, because it's in the bag (I've since taken it out) but it's got all of these little details on the strap so it looks really fancy and cute!

I'll have to 'fancyficate' them with gems though, as they are a bit dull. Not very princess-y at all, lol.

This set could have only been better if Pochacco had been in the lineup. Er, not that I'm complaining! I love my present very much~!

Anyway, how was your New Year? Did you get to go out?

I went to Tara's and Niki's. It was difficult, because I wasn't sure whose to go to.
In the end, I decided that since I counted down with Tara last year, that I'd go with Niki this year.

I came in early for Tara, and we went to go eat.
Wendy's was closed, so we headed to Burger King, which was closing in 15 minutes. But they took a really long time. I don't think they anticipated people showing up at that time, lol.

They pretty much threw the food at us when they finished.

Then some friends started coming in. Tara then got to drinking, lol.
She was pretty drunk, and she kept talking about pasta shells! Then she called her friend and told her to "go to the pasta store" to get them, lol!

I ended up playing We Love Katamari. I was trying to get to the level where you can pick up landmarks.

Come 11p, I headed off to Niki's, which was a smaller but closer affair.
As much as Steve never wants to admit it, he's always excited to see me, lol. We counted down, and then Steve played Atari. Apparently, he always plays Volleyball on New Years day. For the first time, he beat the computer. We deemed it as the sign of a good year.

Then Niki took it, and played some game where you have to get the Holy Grail. She discovered for the first time that there were multiple levels, so she went to level 3 and promptly got attacked by 2 dragons, lol!

We later played some Harry Potter Clue. I had to point out a lot of issues with the game, like how we were supposed to save one of the characters from death, but that instead of working together, we were all going separately.

We kept picking up curses. I only had 10 'House Points' by the end. We kept getting attacked!

Steve won. Somehow the conversation came to crocodiles and big bang puzzles afterwards.

We ended up laughing about so many things! I brought my A game this time. I was churning out jokes one after another. I love making my friends laugh, but it's even better to make people you don't know laugh too.

I got home at around 3a. Grandma didn't wait up for me, so I guess she trusted me to be okay.

Oh, the day didn't end there.
That afternoon, I headed to Mitsuwa. I wanted to get my UK birthday twin Chloe some treats~ But they had some taiko drummers in there. They were wonderful! I wish I had brought my camera to film it!! It was really filled with energy~! They were yelling and their movements were perfectly timed. It made me want to go home and... play Matsuri Japan, lol.

The crowd was huge. It was hard to move around! But I got a good spot to see all of the fun. I love Mitsuwa so much! I hope I get to make it there for Chinese New Year.

Did you know that Sakurina has released a CD?
It's called Gray Zone, and she's going by the name Rina. This is just the advert for it.

My opinion? She's off to a good start, but she's not amazing. I think if she keeps at it, she'll definitely get better.

I knew she was working on her music career, but it was so nice to see that she's gotten to accomplish one of her goals! This mini album was released the 22nd of December.

I found out while reading the latest Betty magazine (named after Betty Boop, I believe). The last one I got was from last year, but I had no idea they had made so many since, lol. My first one is Volume 3, now they're at Volume 9. I guess they release them once every 2 months. I never really get to hear about it, so I just lost track of it, lol.

I ended up getting it because, first, I liked the last one I got, and second, because the Agehas they had were of November's and December's editions. I wasn't that much of a fan of either of those (not enough to want my own hard copy), so I headed to the beauty section. Found the Prisila magazine too, and it came with a free braid headband. If the braid had been a natural black color, I would have gotten it.

Anyway, I came back, and looked over the fashion magazines again, and that's when I saw the last Betty up there.
It's never been in that section before! And it looks like they lowered their price. It didn't come with a DVD like the Vol. 3 did though, maybe that was why? I don't have any others, so I don't know if they regularly included DVDs before.

I hope to scan some pages. Maybe some others might like it?


  1. Do you sell the sanrio watches ?

  2. @Anonymous- No, I don't. These were a gift from a friend who works at a McDonald's. She asked for them from the person who sets up the toy displays.