Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hair Growth and Bodyline Review

Just finished straightening my hair.   In the course of about a month, my hair has grown a whole inch!  It usually grows around 3/4ths of an inch a month~  I think it's because of the kelp tablets I've been taking.  They're supposed to help with hair growth.  I wasn't sure if it was true, but that's not why I was taking them.  Actually, I just like the taste.

They are really good at suppressing appetites though, that's definitely for sure.  Good for keeping me on a food schedule, so I'm not randomly eating at all hours of the day.  I take a couple after every meal.  I guess they could be good for someone on a diet too.

Anyway, as a result, it looks like my hair as grown back ahead of schedule.   I was predicting at the rate it was going that after I cut my hair back in February of 2009, it would be back to it's normal length by 2 years that time.  In fact, just 6 months ago, I was right on schedule.

I started taking kelp in October.
My hair is actually longer than it's ever been~!  If I only measure the hair strands, it's 19 inches!  That means if I part my hair in the very center, I can get the illusion that it's 25 inches long~
I'm glad I didn't get those 18" extensions though, they'd be completely useless by now, lol.

So, as promised, it's time for another review!  And today, I'm going with my Bodyline order, since it was my biggest order.  This is a great place to start for new Lolitas not sure if they like the style enough to wear it outside.  They also tend to cater to larger sized people.  And even if you're not into Lolita, they sell tons of accessories and things that are very inexpensive.

Shopping:  As you may have noticed, this isn't the first time I've ever ordered from Bodyline, but they've really improved since that time a year ago.   Their website layout has been greatly improved, as has their selection.  Now, the only thing I don't like is that during the day, their website is at capacity, so everything runs very slowly and it takes a while for each page to load, and sometimes, the website just completely shuts down.  I would suggest if you want to order from them to order at night.

Anyway, it was all just a matter of clicking on the color you wanted and pressing the buy button.  You can view your cart and review what you like.  You seem to have a maximum of ordering 6 of an item at a time, but I doubt you'd want more than that unless you were ordering eyelashes or something.  Oh, and inventory is in real time.  If you check out and something has since gone out of stock, it'll let you know and take it off for you.  Then you can decide if you want to go back and get something else, or just check out.  Be especially quick on shoes if your feet are size 8 and up, however.   Those sizes go quickly.

Payment can be done via Paypal, which I suggest.  It's easy and fast.

For Americans, apparently if you're paying more than $200 and you chose DHL, you could end up paying customs.   My first order was over $200, but I may have been one of the lucky ones.  I have no idea how much they'd charge you.

Communication:  It's fine.  I didn't have to talk to them about this or the last order, but I did send a message to ask about a product last year.  They got back to me the next day with nice, simple English.

Receiving the item:
 When I last ordered from Bodyline, they were using boxes.  Unfortunately, my box had broken along the way, but fortunately, none of my items had fallen out.  This seemed to be a trend among a few people too....  This time, it was packaged in a nice, thick bag, very sturdy and not falling apart any time soon!

Everything is in individual bags (I've only ordered accessories and clothing, so I have no idea how hair or shoes are packaged these days).  If it's a main article of clothing, like a dress or skirt, you get the Bodyline bag.  Serious plastic scent happenings, so bust out the Febreeze!

Babydoll style dress
I ordered the $25 one, though there's a $31 one as well (I think the only difference is color?).  Anyway, the dress is wonderful~  It's very soft, and the pattern on the dress are stripes that have a gradient, from solid pink to transparent.  I had no idea, you can't even tell on the website's picture!  There's a satin lining inside, and it gives better coverage, but it's still a little sheer.  The bows can be detached, and in fact come separate already.  The bow is a solid satin bow, but there are a few stray threads.  Nothing you can't snip off though.  It uses cheap lace though.  It's not too itchy, and it's such a small amount, so I'll deal.  You should wear a top with it anyway, due to how sheer it is.  Definitely don't try to wear it without at least a bra!   Here's what surprised me, the straps are actually to be tied on!  I guess this is nice if you need adjustments.  That means, I can use it as a halter dress, if I decide to.  It also zips up on the side, so if you've got them tied perfectly, you don't have to take it apart.

This also means that the length of the dress can be adjusted somewhat.  I know in school, any shorts, skirts, or dresses you wore had to be at least fingertip length, and I can get that just fine.  Actually, that was as long as I could get it.  Any longer, and the chest area wouldn't be where the chest is anymore.   Probably would be a bit too short even for cute Lolita if you're over 5'5".  Besides, I'm all leg, everything looks short on me, lol.

It's perfect for Hime, I think.  I'm wearing it in my profile picture!
4/5, because of the sheerness and length.

Black Bloomers
They look like bloomers when not worn, but actually fit much like those lace shorts that have been popular lately.  Seriously, you wouldn't be able to tell.  This was actually what I was hoping for, and that's how I'm going to wear them.  This is coming from someone with barely any hip, so if they turn into shorts on me, they'll be shorts on anyone.  Cheap lace, though, but again, not so bad.  I plan on wearing stockings under them anyway.

They're nice and comfortable, and have elastic around the legs as well.  These also come with a bow you can attach, that came out of nowhere....  I'll put it on my dress instead though.
4.5/5 because of the lace.

Flower Clip
Your typical hair clip.  Has a very plastic-y smell, but air it out, and it'll be fine.  Looks alright, but in my hair, it stick up.  Has no flexibility.  Also has a pin of you wanted to use it as a brooch.

Here's the kicker.... It randomly broke!   I wasn't even wearing it, and it wasn't even next to a heat source, it just randomly came apart!!  But when I went to put the clip back on, to see how it would look in a particular way... it got stuck together again, and wouldn't come apart!  Then.... IT FELL APART RANDOMLY JUST AN HOUR LATER WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING IT!!   And yes, yet again, I stuck it back together, and it won't come apart with force!  I don't know why or how it fell apart in the first place!
2/5, because it came apart, and it's not too impressive anyway.

Crown Necklace
I love this necklace!   This item also has a bit of a plastic smell, but again, just air it out, it'll be fine.  The gem can actually be adjusted inside (I thought it was glued inside!) and the crown itself can spin around.  Not a fan of the chain though.  I wish it was a regular chain instead of this pull-string cord, lol.  However, the necklace is very solid, and doesn't look like it's going to fall apart anytime soon.
4.5/5 because of the cord.

Flower Earrings
(See photo above)
Nice, simple earrings.  Not much to say about these.  The gems are glued on, so it looks a little shoddy, but unless you're right up next to them, I doubt anyone will notice.

(See photo above)
I thought this would be a really chintzy thing, but it's quite nice.   The comb is maybe a little more sturdy than you'd expect, but as long as you're not putting it under extreme stress or something, it should be okay.  Rather solid metal.

I love these stockings!
Now, keep in mind, these stockings are made with shorter people in mind, so if you're tall, but bigger than I am, they may not fit.  I'm 5'7.5" (171cm), but I'm also really thin, so they *just* fit.  I wonder if I'm right at the border.

Anyway, I *love* these!  They're soft and well made, and they are soooo cute~!  I can't wait to wear them out!

If you want these stockings, only one pair is found in the Socks section, the others are in the Lingerie section.  I don't know why though, because that's where I got the skull and crossbones ones....

They aren't that bad!  I'm not going to sit here and say that you're looking at BtSSB quality stuff, mainly because I don't own any of their things, lol.  But the quality of their items are still pretty good, and they looked exactly like the pictures.  Just pay attention to the sizes.  Their website tends to get a lot of traffic during the day, so ordering at night is best.  And be quick about your decisions, because they might sell out while you're thinking about it!

Bodyline is a good starter website if you're not sure whether you're into the style, and they're always great for inexpensive accessories.

4/5 for the lack of website capacity.  It's really that annoying.  But their clothing is quite good, and their items show no sign of falling apart anytime soon.  It may be hit and miss, but in the two times I've shopped with them, with all the things I bought (I bought more clothes last time than this time), there's been extremely little that I've been unimpressed with.

Better get to sleep.  I really am trying so hard to stay on my sleeping schedule!


  1. i want a babydoll style dress tooooo
    is this similar to the ine in your profile ???

    i saw the leoprint stockings on taobao.
    id like to get one of those lolita shoes with giant high heel and ribbon so thanks for showing the leo stockings!!!im totally in love

  2. It's the very dress in my profile ^^ But even in that picture, you can't see the pretty pattern!

    Also, the stockings I bought were from $3-$4. Shipping was $20 for everything I bought, I don't know if they do DHL your way though. No commission fee though!

  3. i was so curious about those stockings! but, ah, im the same height as you, but bigger. they wont fit me! D:

    my bl order should be here tomorrow...
    i ordered quite a few things. socks n stuff.

  4. Yeah, those stocking just seemed to barely fit D8 But maybe with a bit of maneuvering, they won't be too bad? They're really nice stockings, extra soft and pretty, I hope they fit you!

  5. though this has nothing to do with the review.. ^^"
    what are those kelp tablets? ive been trying to grow my hair out longer and the added benefit of suppressing an appetite sounds great~!
    (im such a foodie .3. )

  6. @Riine-chan- Ah, kelp is a specific type of seaweed ^^ You can pretty much find them at any vitamin store. I've even sometimes seen them at GNC!

    Definitely look up kelp benefits, but also check out kelp side effects too. If you have too much kelp, it may cause problems, especially if you're not used to taking it. Here's a good site that tells you both sides, but there are others that tell you even more benefits. I'm pretty used to kelp as it's been in my life since I was young, so you might not want to take 2 after your meals like I do just yet, lol.