Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Introspection and Snowpocageddon '11

'Change' is your middle name at this point, Capricorn. You've been through more personal transformation in the past two years than perhaps in your entire life. The upside is that you're getting used to the intensity of it all. It helps that you're realizing the futility in holding on to people and possessions that only stunt your growth. So many layers continue to be shed on a daily basis but this also gives way to unquestionable personal power. Pluto in Capricorn will carry on for another 14 years; so if this is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine who you will be on the other side of your metamorphosis.

Is it true for you?
I was looking up 2011 outlooks for the Capricorn, and came across this.

It was so eerie how exactly true it was for me.   2009 was a huge turning point for me.  If you saw the old me and this me, you would think I was a completely different person!  While my real change didn't begin until October of 2009, actually, a lot happened before too.  2009 was the year that I promised to start being more honest with myself and what I wanted, and I even finally moved past my serious relationship issues.  2010 was the year that it all came together.

I've been the same person for years.  I had no idea that the person you read before you would be what I'd become.  If this change really will keep up for the next 14 years, I wonder how different I could be.

The rest of it basically went on to tell me that this is my lucky year, as did the other 2011 Capricorn overviews.   Even the few moon sign yearly predictions said things would be pretty good.  I wonder if it's true.

You know, I was just watching an episode of Seinfeld.  George decides that he's going to do the exact opposite of what he would normally do, and everything works for him.  It's just a TV show, so I know I couldn't do that and make it work out in real life, but I wish!

But I seriously feel like something big is on the horizon.   Getting my own place seems so possible lately, and if I can believe in all of these yearly predictions, I'll be getting a good paying job soon.  I mean, I can't rely solely on someone's predictions (how many times did I read the words "You're going to find love!" but you have to go out to find anyone, lol), but it does keep me a bit hopeful.  I should be more diligent.  Everything's been going right since Christmas, and overall, things just feel better.

We had a blizzard today!
It snowed for like 18 hours straight.  You can't see it in this picture, but the snow that piled up outside our front door was about 3 feet!

I ended up sleeping a lot.   When I woke up, the snow had long stopped.  I'm glad the heat works so well.

As much as I hate the snow, all of this snow piled up awakened my inner child.   I kind of wanted to go out there and... mess up the snow, lol.  Just flounce around in it until it wasn't smooth anymore.  Of course, I didn't.  I just had a nice, warm bowl of chili and went to sleep.

Can you believe some people had to venture out in that??  One of my friends had to call off because she couldn't even get her car out of the driveway!   I know here in Chicago, we're used to snowstorms, but even I think the snow we had was overkill.   There was a foot of snow out on the streets, let alone our porches and driveways.  In fact, my car was nothing more than a pile of snow with antennas when it was done!  This was one of the few times when we should have taken a page from the South and just shut down.  The only people out there are the people who had to work!  If there's a jerk out there willing to shovel a path to their car, shovel their car out, and then trek out to McDonald's for an Egg McMuffin just to go back home, he should have his car windshield done in with a sledgehammer!

Fortunately all of my friends got to stay home for the day (even if one of them couldn't help it), and hopefully by tomorrow, the snow will have been cleared out, and we can resume our lives.  Our usual snow shoveling guy has already come out here to shovel out our cars, and as soon as the trucks come around (I hope they do, they hardly ever come down this path) we're good to go.

What a crazy day.
But it was good.  Really quiet with all that snow insulating everything, and it certainly didn't hurt to have some delicious chili to keep me warm.  And I'm especially glad that I'm no longer the designated snow shoveler!

I really liked February's Ageha, so I'm going to get it next Friday.


    100% TRUE FOR ME!!!
    my 'rebirth' started in October 2009 also!!!!!
    exactly in october
    dammit Ai xxDD I LOVE YOU and the zodiac stuff you share!!!

    Sometimes I look back to past and cant recognize myself....cuz my changes are so a bright light in my mind and me saying 'now I get it!'
    I strongly believe bad things I did and others did to me happen just to 'wake me up' and help others doing the same

    I got very high goals in my life so if I read this stuff I can keep the courage to work harder.maybe i wont win the NOBEL 4 PEACE but i'll be close to it....THANK YOU HUN!!!I REALLY LOVE YOU

    ps: February issues are almost always very good!!!Ageha ups and downs

  2. Ahh~! I am a capri as well hahaha... >.> i suppose it is true though... I hope the change is a good one... !

    Haha the snow is so fun looking <3

    I love your blog!

  3. @NanaChan- Thank you~! I truly appreciate your kind words <3
    Haha, another Capri buddy? Yay! It's definitely positive, since you're letting go of all the bad habits and bad people in your life, or at least it's easier to do it.

    I tried to walk in the snow, to see how high it got. I kind of got stuck, it was too high XD Had to roll out of the snow and onto the sidewalk. Glad I was in the backyard where no one could see me!