Friday, February 18, 2011

100 Blog Entries?

Apparently I have posted 100 blog entries.  Wow, go me!

Yesterday, I went to my sewing class.
Woke up super early, like 2a early....

By the time 8a rolled around, I decided I might as well get dressed early.

My hair was still fairly curly from when I styled my hair Monday, so I thought I'd try this:

Seemed simple enough, even though I don't have any curlers (maybe some heated rollers should be one of my purchases) or layering in my hair (or not much, at least).

Seven bobby pins later, it came out like this:

(Face covered, because I looked way too serious.  Still not very good at taking self photos....)
It looked kind of nice!  Had to use some of my Triple Nutrition spray to tame it a bit, but I felt it was pretty close.

I would have gone the full Gyaru route, but when I realized I was only going to go to class that day, it seemed like a lot of work only to take it all off later.  I wore a simple layered shirt and some jeans.  No photos, because again, I suck at taking self photos, lol.

Nothing else of note really happened that day.  I brought Tara over to look at some of my how to draw books, she decided to borrow 2 of them: my penning techniques book and a clothing encyclopedia.  Then she got a headache and I took her home.  I'm pretty sure I went to sleep after that, lol.  At least I got to go outside and enjoy the 54°F weather, even though it threatened to rain the whole time.  All the mounds of snow we had melted in just a few days.  It barely looks like the same place around here!

So today, I woke up super early again (but then again, I went to sleep super early too).
I knew my tax refund was coming in today, so I headed to my account.

I was supposed to be getting $209, $273 if they included my state refund somehow. (I'm a little shocked at how quickly I added 209 and 64....)

But instead, I came online and found $344.

Even if they combined the two refunds together, that's still $71 more than the site said I'd get!
I must have qualified for something that the site I used to file didn't account for.  I'm scared to spend it, lol.  Is it a dream?  I keep checking it, to see if I realize I was completely mistaken.

I don't know what I did to deserve that extra, but I'm really thankful

I briefly contemplated buying more things at Yumetenbo, but I realized that I shouldn't get greedy and I should just buy the 4 things I knew I wanted in the first place.  Having more money doesn't mean I have free reign to go crazy!  I might buy something I don't really want!  For now, I'll stick with everything I've already thought about.

I was going to head to Mitsuwa today, because I thought the contest was going on from Thursday to this Sunday, but it turns out it's until *next* Sunday.  Since I'm going next week with Tara anyway to treat her to a shrimp burger at Gabutto Burger, I might as well wait.  You can only enter once anyway.

So I think today I will head to the mall.  I've contemplated fully what it is I want to get of the things I saw earlier this week.  Some nice lace dresses, and a cute lace tank top, and the rabbit earmuffs from Hot Topic, if they're still there (and even though it's warm again, lol).  I'm still a bit apprehensive about buying those video games, so I guess that's my sign.  I'll hold off.  Might get some

I can think about buying cute loungewear.  Then again, I've been dreaming of owning my very own Yves Saint Laurent lipstick....  New shoes?  Trip to Charming Charlie?  Another visit to Taobao for some Liz Lisa-esque clothing?  Ahaha, I'll have to think about it some more.  Make a list of what I want, narrow it down, and see if I can spare it.  I don't want to throw away money on something I didn't really want.

I think I'm headed back to Taobao though.  I mean, I do have a whole wardrobe to buy....
It's the price of going into a fashion that is the complete opposite of what you've been for the past 25 years.

Anyway, I will leave you with this lovely picture of the parfaits we got from Re Leaf.
Every time I think Mitsuwa can't get any better, they find a way to prove me wrong~
Entry cuteification and updates later.

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  1. Oh your hair style is so simillar to the one above! And the desserts you have is soo cute! Gratz on 100 posts!