Sunday, February 20, 2011

Forever 21 Shopping

So, it's finally raining, after the Weather Channel threatened it would for the past week or so.

It's early, and I'm waiting on my English muffin sandwich (best recipe ever!) to toast in the oven for breakfast, I might as well post up what I bought Friday.

Originally, when I went in, I had 3 articles of clothing to consider.  I...  only walked out with one, lol.  Well, okay, one I couldn't find.  I usually like to mull things over, but when I'm drawn to something immediately, I might as well get it.  My instincts don't lie, and to be honest, I like the other two things I got way better than what I originally looked at.

Okay, enough droning, onto what you all really want!
The only thing from my original list of items to get.  I bet you can tell why I like it, lol.  But it's pretty see through.  I wonder if I could find a white tube top to wear under?  In the meantime, it'll have to go under everything else.  I just adore those straps~

My first deviation.   I saw it as I was wandering around.  It's really delicate looking~  The receipt says it's cream, but it's really more like an off white.  I wish it came in pink or blue, lol.

These were what threw my whole list out the window.  I was looking for cute flats (my goodness, why can't I stop looking at heels??) and saw these along the way.  This photo makes them look kind of tan but in real life....  It's hard to say....   Sometimes they definitely look tan, and sometimes they look slightly pink.  Apparently, they're blush colored.  Anyway, I picked these up, and was completely thrown off by how light they are.  I guess the heel is hollow to make them easier to walk in, but it was so weird, because my Yumetenbo shoes are the same price but so much heavier!  The heel is thick, so I don't think they'll be cracking any time soon, but I don't think I'll be tap dancing in them, lol.  Well, at least they play their part well!

My new favorite jewelry!   How could I not get these?  They're in my favorite colors in my favorite color combination!  In fact, when I get my own house, I'm totally using this set as the color theme for my room, lol.  I didn't even think about the price ($8 anyway), I just saw the colors and picked them up.  Gold, pink, and cream, is there any better a color combination?  *WARNING: OPINION*  No.  *END OF OPINION*

With the bracelets in hand, I decided to look for some jewelry to go with it (I have some pink jewelry, but it's pink and silver).  I ended up finding these.  Don't know if they're near out of fashion or whatever yet, but I like feather jewelry.  I'm going to order some Liz Lisa replicas on Taobao soon, I think these will go well with them.

Gold AND feathers.  And I felt that as long as my hair is still dark, the light color will help them stand out.  I like my black earrings from Charming Charlie, but you can't really see them....  Can't wait until I get to lighten my hair some.

Anyway, that's all that I got.  But I won't lie.  I read once sometime ago the Japanese call Forever 21 a "fast food clothing line", or something like it, and I see exactly why.  The clothes are pretty, but I feel like they could just burst into pieces any moment now, if I'm not careful, lol.   My Bodyline, Yumetenbo, and even Taobao stuff seem more sturdy.  I can't see myself constantly going to F21 for many things.  Though admittedly, I am considering going back for a cute pair of shorts I saw, lol.  Faded jean shorts with a floral print, very cute~  Still, at the price I paid compared to the price I paid for my other things, I think F21 has a long way to go.  I may come back every so often, but I think if I'm going to pay $25 for a top, I might as well go to Charlotte Russe or something.  Or keep ordering overseas, lol.

Ah well, I'm sure what I got will be okay.

Anyway, meal finished, it's time to eat!  Made a nice cup of peach and mangosteen green tea as well~

Oh oh, almost forgot, thank you Nanachan for the advice on color~!  I don't think I thanked you before!


  1. Ohh your welcome ^ _ ^

    Your purchases are so nice <3 I love them! I love the laces!

  2. hello! The clothes are very beautiful! you have impeccable taste love!

  3. Ahh, thank you both~! *blushblush*

  4. Oh and also, Jamie, I tried to comment on one of your posts, but it wouldn't let me ;_; I don't know if it's just me though. You seem so sweet, I want to bother you too XD

  5. lol ok sweetheart! I will try to fix that right away! You are very pretty and VERY pink! perfect friend for me heehee!