Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Money Woes

First things first, I need a bit of help on a choice.  I won't tell you specifically *what* this choice is for, but it doesn't matter anyway.

Pink or white?
I really like the pink one, it's so cute~  But it won't go at all with anything unless I'm wearing pink (I'm the boring type that doesn't like to go random with colors).  The white one would remedy that, but white is so hard to take care of.  I worry about it getting all dirty.

So, the pink one I love but can't match to anything, or the white one that goes with everything but is high maintenance?

(Will probably ultimately choose white anyway because she's so boring and practical)


Anyway, I've been contemplating dyeing my hair.

This isn't the first time I've thought about it.  A couple years ago in December, I originally wanted a sort of milk tea pink.  Now that I'm looking at receptionist jobs (and failing miserably at earning one), I know that pink hair isn't very professional.

However, I've since moved on from that phase.
I think I want to go a lighter brown.  Something in the chocolate to dark golden brown range.  I like being a brunette, and I'd like to stay one.  Something in the warmer shades, because I think the ashen colors might look too washed out against my skin color.

It's just that, my hair seems so... flat.  It's so dark brown....  Even my highlights are just a lighter dark brown.  I'm glad my hair isn't super coarse, otherwise there'd be no shine and you'd never see the detail I put into curling my hair!

I guess now's as good a time as ever to think about it, since I'll be needing extensions, new bangs, and some layering, and therefore it'll be a good, long while before I save up enough money for all of it (I think I'll get clip ins though, the weaved in ones seem like a lot of work to deal with).  But I should think about it now, so that when the time comes, I'll have a plan of action.  I need to pick something that I won't get tired of in a month.



Last year, I started looking into confectioneries.   It's kind of on the back burner, but only until I've got a good job.

Anyway, I found this on Strapya World I think in January.  It's called Decotte Pocky, and they also have one for Collon and Caplico, which are just as cute. (The Caplico one allows you to make little rabbits and bears!)

So cute~!

It's all so incredibly inspiring.  But, yet again, it all comes down to money *sigh*.
I wish I didn't need it so much.  Too many hobbies I want to get my hands in....

I guess all in due time, but it's so frustrating!  I want to DO something!  Then instead of "I wish, I wish," these blogs could be full of "I did!"

Even though I'm actually accomplishing a lot, it feels like I'm driving with the parking brake on, because of so much down time.  I just miss having a job, doing things and feeling appreciated for it, not feeling like a drain.  I can't even dress my poor ball joint dolls.  They've been sitting, naked and bald in their boxes for a year.

Hm, maybe the least I can do is use some of my tax refund and buy them some eyes on the Taobao market....  I feel so bad for them.

Please, offices, hire me!   I will be the best receptionist you've ever had!  Don't let my title of 'Sales Associate' fool you, it was just like being a receptionist!
Lol, I guess they're not reading this anyway.  If they did, they definitely wouldn't hire me. "The girl who dresses like a princess in her free time representing our serious law office?  No way!"


So, my refund is supposed to come in Friday, even though the website originally said 10 days (and 10 days from last Monday is Thursday!).  I'm hoping those boots I want don't sell out, since like those shoes I bought last time, they're the only unchangeable part.  I feel like they're taunting me.  All of the colors I didn't want are sold out in my size.  It makes me think it's too good to be true, lol, so I keep refreshing the page, like any moment now, someone will come along and buy the last pair, just to do it.  Perhaps a sign?  Maybe not.  I shouldn't put meaning to pointless things.  That's when it turns into me telling myself "If this is still in stock by Monday, it's a sign that I'll get a job next week!" and then I'm all disappointed when it doesn't happen, lol.

Please don't sell out once I get the money!  It's only a couple more days! It's all I've got to look forward to!


  1. I think you should get white because pink is like white it gets dirty easily :D too so they both need high maintenance :D And the pocky thing is so cute! It reminded me of where I saw it!Haha! Good luch on finding a job! <3 It took me a long time but I finally found one.. : D so you probably can too..

  2. Haha, point taken, thanks!

    I hope I can. I worry that people see the words "Sales Associate" and think I'm some girl who used to work some huge store or something, when what I did was pretty close to being a receptionist. I wish they'd believe me!