Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's/Single Awareness Day!

Wish the good picture didn't come out so blurry....  This one isn't even close to how good that one was.  Soooo not ready to make my debut....   Soon, Tiffany!  I've only just officially started in January!

How was your day yesterday?   Did you get any treats and gifts from your sweetheart?  Did you stay indoors and play video games?  Did you forget what day it was?

I went out STRUTTING!  Lol!

The weather got so much better today since last week (it's a really sad day when you look at the weather, see that it's 35°F and say "Man, it's warm out!" ) so I decided it was time to go out and practice wearing my heels while I still had a chance.  The piles of snow hadn't melted too much so the streets weren't too flooded, and it was just days before it was supposed to start raining, and besides, it was Valentine's day, so it was perfect.  Walking around, looking my best, exuding out charm, silently telling everyone that they could have totally had me on their arm that day~  Lol, or maybe just looking like the most overly made up female ever?

Besides all of that, I decided to start taking note of what I wanted to buy with my tax refund.  I've already got plans to order from Yumetenbo again (not saying what I'm getting like last time until I order, but I'll say that I'm getting boots, a purse, an outfit, and a mystery item, ooooooh~!!) but after weeding out what I knew I didn't want that badly, I realized I have quite a bit left over.   Looked at some cute things over at Forever 21, but not too much to my style, probably spend maybe $30 there, and I saw the most adorable bunny earmuffs over at Hot Topic for $15.  Might even buy a new video game for my DS, but that's a big 'might'.  I know I definitely need some solid leggings.

All while wearing my heels....
Ugh, how do you girls do it?  I was exhausted....  But then again, my stride is that of someone with purpose, like I've got somewhere to be.  Maybe I should walk more daintily, lol, like a girl with tons of free time. *cough*SinceIdo...*cough*

Only one guy "dared" to approach me.  I think he just wanted me to buy something though from his little gondola, and then he randomly asked if I played basketball.  Lol, I look really tall, but I'm only 5'7.5".  It's because of my long legs (why thank you, Cancer Moon).

Anyway, usually when I'm at outdoor places like that, I'm usually so self centered, that I never really notice anyone, or if I do, I immediately look away.  Part of it being that it feels like I'm somehow in their business, part of it being that I don't want to attract anyone's attention and thus them talking to me.  Today, I forced myself to pay attention, so that I could get it through my head that I'm not nearly as undesirable as I think I am, and that sometimes, guys are actually looking at me.  Normal guys who are not either in high school or in their 40s.

Lots of long stretches of me not paying attention, but today was a little different.  People were actually talking about me!  And not in the "Ew, she's ugly" way, the "Whoa!  Check her out!" way~!

Now that, I don't think that ever happened before.  I felt like a model.

I ended up going home after an hour of looking at a few stores (forgot to check out Icing and Charlotte Russe though).  Stopped by GameStop to see if there was a DS game I could get.  Saw the new manager.  I think he was kind of intimidated by me.   He always looked so uneasy when speaking to me, which is kind of strange, because I think he's older than me too.   Maybe next time, I'll practice smiling if I notice someone looking at me.  I always look so serious, people are probably scared of me, lol.   Then again, I'm still not a fan of people approaching me.  Maybe I'm just better off having them stay away.

Unless they're a Scorpio sun and moon.  I'd be honored if they approached me, lol.

After my last boyfriend, I decided the time had come to finally take some time off of dating to actually search within myself.  Since that time, I've discovered Gyaru and Hime-kei, started taking sewing classes, and thought about a lot of things I don't think I would have thought about before.

But now I think it's time to ease back in.  I don't think I'll be ready to fully date again until next year, but I'd like to still test the waters, at least start a friendship (I like to be friends with a person before I consider anything more, and besides that, I'd prefer to have a steady income so I won't have to be a drain on him).

Of course I went straight to horoscope matching, lol.

Now I know the best sun matches for me are the Taurus and the Virgo because we're all Earth signs, and the Scorpio, because of our similar traits (I may even go to say that the Capricorn is like 7/8ths the strength of a Scorpio, the vice-president to their president, whatnot).

I've known only three Scorpios.  Two of them are my inspirations in life.  My Poppy, because he is the best and is always reliable, and I know I can depend on him to tell me exactly what needs to be told, and an old friend I knew named Jerry, who at my lowest point in life, came and smacked some sense into me (not literally!) and gave me the foundations of which I base my self confidence on now.  I'll love and respect those two until the day I die.

The third doesn't matter.  He is the very example of how not to be a proper Scorpio.

Anyway, for that reason, I've always admired the thought of dating one.  It's always easy to be with them.  Conversations are never forced and flow easily (because they're masters at getting your secrets) so I never get scared of saying the wrong thing, and because they're so mysterious, my need to also know who they are is always met.  It's kind of like, if they tell you a secret about their lives, it feels like winning a prize, lol.  To spend a lifetime still learning more about the person I'm with is so appealing~  Though probably super annoying with anyone else who hates secrets (it's why my Sagittarius grandma and I never get along).

Well, eventually I came across compatible moon pairings.  It's important to connect on an emotional level too!  So what did I discover?

Scorpio returns!
Because the Scorpio is a Water sign, it's in tune with the Cancer as well.

There was also the Pisces, but when I looked up the personality of a Scorpio/Pisces, I cringed.  Someone who exaggerates all of his feelings?  I can't deal with that.  I had a hard time dealing with my last boyfriend and all of his "OMG my friend forgot to pick me up today, MY LIFE IS THE WORST LIFE IN THE WORLD!!!  TELL ME YOU LOVE ME AND GIVE ME 10 REASONS WHY AND 3 EXAMPLES TO BACK UP EACH REASON, OTHERWISE YOU DON'T LOVE ME EITHER!!!!!" every other day  (I'm sorry!  It's not really his fault, it's just how he is, but I won't deny it was really stressful to deal with him....)

So, a Scorpio/Scorpio.
The Holy Grail of men.
Where are yooooou?

Double the mystique, double the sensuality, double the high standards.
A challenge?  No, a commitment.  Ah, the thought of finally being a woman in a relationship, and not a mother or a child.

Well, I'm sure ultimately I'd never meet him, and I'd probably end up with someone who's nice too, probably someone who either wants to baby me or someone who needs to be babied a lot.  I can't win with either of those, lol.

I posted a Gyaru Secret~
I won't say which one, but the responses I got from it really encouraged me.  I feel a bit more confident about it all.

To be honest, if you read the comments, you'll probably know exactly what post it was I put up there since it's the only one that needed encouragement.
Still, I'm really happy so many people supported me.  Made me feel like I'm really on the right path.

I'm a complete newbie at this, so I have so much to learn.  There's so many people I call 'inspiration'.
One day, I hope I can be an inspiration too!  But I have to be patient first.  I've got a long time to perfect my style~

Thank you to all of my followers, and even those who just pass through and head off on their way.  I'm really happy my words are being seen~~!


  1. Well, you are VERY pretty so this bad self confidence stuff has to stop!!!

    Don't get to cocky lol remain level headed!

    And often I seem mad,too, when its just my normal face XD

    and you play video games? me too~ ^_^
    whatre you playing right now?
    I'm playing a DS game called 999....

  2. I really like to keep watch of my horoscope too! :D And yea you should always be modest! Because beauty dosen't last forever :D I very so like your himegyaru style <3

  3. Ahaha, my Aquarius rising is showing XD Seriously, I'm not really like that. Actually, though apparently I don't show it, I'm constantly paranoid I'll somehow mess everything up and look like a fool in front of everyone. I'm only arrogant on paper, long after I've stressed myself over how I did XDDD

    Recently, I was playing Mana Khemia 2 for the PS2, but now that I'm without TV, I haven't been playing video games much, besides the occasional round of House of the Dead Ninjas on AdultSwim.com. I'm contemplating either getting Legendary Starfy (it's a lot like Kirby, and I like Kirby games) or the latest Professor Layton. I've never heard of 999 (since I quit GameStop, I haven't been keeping up with games like I used to), how is it?

    Thank you so much! I feel better knowing that I'm headed in the right direction, especially because I'm such a beginner. I feel like I'm so behind everyone!