Friday, December 10, 2010

The Princess Apprentice

I've got to be honest here, now that I've updated and put all of this work into my blog, I'm really starting to like showing it off!
I'm really proud of it~  It's the kind of blog I've always wanted, the type of blog I would have envied if someone else had it.

You know, I started this blog a year ago.  It was something started so I could document myself going from completely aimless to knowing what I want.  Even though it seems like nothing has changed, I've actually come a long way.

I realized how into fashion I was and started sewing lessons.
I've determined I really like the Hime lifestyle and I want it to be a part of me.
I've come to love cooking, and I hope to expand.
I've learned how to manage my own hair (a huge deal for me)
I've learned how to do makeup, which I'll need if I'm ever to be a proper Hime-gyaru.

And those are just the things I learned over the year.  I've got so much more I plan to do, like learning Spencerian script, and decoden, and nails.  I've struggled and fought various people, learned who to trust and who to let go, found out who I am.  Everyday, I step a little closer to being the exact person I want to be, to looking in the mirror and being proud of what I've become.

Sometimes it was really easy.  It was so obvious where to go that I couldn't stray the path even if I wanted to.
Sometimes it was pretty difficult.  I wondered if I was wrong or bad for wanting it so much.
Sometimes I neglected to keep up with it, or got sidetracked.
Sometimes it felt too stressful to fight for it.
Sometimes I just failed completely.
But I kept trying, I never let my goals fade away.  I can push them aside, but I can never forget they're there.  When one approach doesn't work, try it another way.  One lesson I'll never forget is that if you really want something, you'll work to get it, no matter how long it takes.  If you ever stop fighting for it, you never really wanted it in the first place.  Anyone can wish for change to happen, but only the dedicated make it so!

It's not wrong or bad to get discouraged or lose your way.
As long as you try to get back up, as long as you're still trying, you've only hit a snag.
You can be disappointed, as long as you never let it keep you down.

I was only inspired by a few words said by one person.  She said, "Go for it, you've got nothing to lose!"
That really is all it takes!  Even if you're completely aimless like I was, if you start now, it's not too late to discover where you want to be. It might not be easy, you might even be afraid of what may happen, or how the world may see you, but just take it step by step. More than what those close to you may think of you, you should be happy with what you think of yourself.

Even a step in the wrong direction will at least teach you something.
Go for it!

Anyway, besides that, have you heard of Gal-Loli?
I just discovered it, while looking at Hime-kei pictures. It's the combination between Hime-kei and Lolita, taking Lolita dresses and 'Gal-ing' them up.

I knew there was a combination out there, since it's been in Ageha a few times, but I never knew what to call it. It was too Lolita to be Hime, but too Gal to be Lolita too.

It's only obvious that the two mix together, since both Gal and Lolita styles are pretty big.

I still like Hime-kei the best, but it's nice to have a name for it should I ever desire to do it myself.

For those really interested, I'd suggest looking up a few copies of Vanilla Girl. They've got the perfect examples of Gal-Loli. They've long since discontinued (what with their star Satomi moving on to different things) but you can find a couple uploaded at Japanese Magazine Scans. And of course, Ageha~


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  2. Thank you very much~ ^_^
    I'm glad you like it!