Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When You Give A Girl A Glue Gun....


I'm feeling pretty good right now, much better than the first half of this month.

I bought a new cereal, some Fiber-One.  I didn't get it for the fiber, but it said it was caramel flavor, lol.  It's delicious!  Tastes just like cereal with caramel drizzled on it~~  Makes me look forward to waking up in the morning!  Well, more than all of the lovely bright sunshine, that is.

Also, tomorrow, I'm hanging out with Tara, and I'm taking her somewhere new.  We're going to the Oak Brook Mall (a giant outdoor mall) to walk around and get some exercise, what with the wonderful weather we've been blessed with....  Well, mostly, when it's not raining, it's really nice!  It's supposed to be clear and in the 50's tomorrow, good walking weather!  I just wish I had some cute walking shoes!  All I have are my ugly gym shoes.  Ah well.

But what really got my mood up was that I finally got to make something I've been wanting to make for some months now.  A replica of BtSSB's floral headband.

I had to take some liberties, since of course I don't have all of the supplies they do.  And I wish I had shifted everything over a little more before gluing.  Still, it came out much better than I expected!  Do you want to see?
The original:
Compare that to this:
So.... What do you think?
I put a lot of work into it!  I wrapped the headband (it was orange) in pink ribbon, and strung up the completely detachable cord there.  Even the bow is made of lace and a ribbon, and lots of glue, lol.
 I regret that I put everything higher up, because I worried the bow would be too low.  I should have actually used the pink rose as a guide of where I want everything, instead of the bow.  Ah well, when I make another one (maybe in blue or white), I'll remember that, though I think my next project will be some Jesus Diamante combs I saw.  Hey, maybe I could even get good enough to sell this stuff!

Buuuuut, probably not for a while, lol.

Anyway, I've got a lot to do before tomorrow!


  1. Wow that is really cute! I love it!

  2. How cute! I'm jealous of your skills. I'm so uncrafty... not to mention I don't even own a glue gun.

  3. I love! <333 I honestly think it's better than the Baby one! It's so perfect for Hime! <3

  4. @NanaChan- Thank you! <3

    @Toriberry- Thank you~ It's not so hard to do, it's mostly just ribbon, flowers, and a whole bunch of glue, lol. It's just time consuming!

    @ManaStarre- Thank you!!

  5. Love the headband! What a perfect way of "recycling" that orange headband xD It practically screams hime. Personally, I think that the ribbon looks fine the way it is, what with the dangly pearls and all. Great job!

  6. @Wanda- Thank you! <3 Yeah, I really doubt I would have used that orange headband as it was. Orange against my skin... not a very good combination, lol!

  7. looks cute! Now wear it in a coord : D

  8. I really should, but I've got to learn how to get my hair BIG. Those roses are bigger than I thought they'd be against my head, lol.