Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yumetenbo Catering to Larger Feet?

I love Yumetenbo, lol.
I think this is obvious to everyone.

Recently, I've been noticing some things over time.

For a while now, Yumetenbo has released larger clothing.  It's not common, but it's not impossible to find clothing from them for larger sizes.

But yesterday, while perusing their shoe selection, I noticed some of their shoes are available in larger sizes.

Mind you, nothing too huge, but I've seen one type go up to 9.5US!

Pumps that are almost sold out
Cute summery shoes
Some sandal type shoes

These are just some that I came across, but I didn't even look at all of their new shoes.  I didn't see any of the older shoes offering this though.
Since there are so few, I'm guessing this is a trial run to see if there's any interest.  I doubt they made too many pair of these larger sizes either.  Still, this is pretty cool!

Only last year did they open the doors to the rest of the world, so I wonder if they're trying to broaden their base.  They're already easier to get out of the country than their competition, they've got good prices, and they offer clothing for those girls out there with bigger chests and bigger hips.  Maybe since they went international, they started getting a large amount of overseas customers?  What do you think?

I hope these new sizes are well received.  I'd like to see even more people able to enjoy their products!

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