Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st Public Eye Makeup Attempt!

Well, here it is!

I didn't think it was very successful this time, but I didn't want to lie about posting it today....  It's still 11p here, so I'm good!

This is my first public posting of my eye makeup attempt.

Some minor notes:
-I'm still really scared of putting in my contacts again, lol....
-I am wearing bottom lashes, but they aren't as dramatic as the top lashes.  Have to save up for some Diamond Lashes soon.
-Also, my eyeliner is really terrible.  Don't buy Elf liquid liner.  It comes out nice and thick, but it doesn't stick to skin well, so while the glue for my lashes is great (I've tested it on its own, seems to last quite a while and is easily removed), it'll stick to the liner and come right off, taking the liner with it.  That's what you see on my bottom lash.  I wanted to fix it, but when I started taking it off, the liner went with it!  I just gave up.
-I didn't curl my actual lashes.  Didn't even think to....  I'll try to remember next time!

Err, please be gentle!

The top one is the only one that shows the eyeshadow at all, even though it's not my favorite.  For some reason, my camera wanted to make everything extra yellow.

Any tips or tricks?  I didn't do anything besides eyelashes and eyeshadow, I really just wanted to focus on this for now.


Gah, this is scary!


  1. Gorgeous! You do a better job than me with fake eyelashes. I'm absolutely miserable at putting them in. >.<

    I would try lining your bottom waterline with white eyeliner. It really widens and opens up your eye as well as reflecting the light so they appear brighter. I use Urban Decay's white pencil eyeliner, and I love it.

    Have you tried cream eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner? I find it gives you that same darkness and richness of a liquid eyeliner, but it seems to stick to the skin better.

  2. Wow it's pretty! I love your top lashes *o*
    I'm okay with Toriberry, try to line your lower waterline with white eyeliner, the effect is wonderful, your eyes will seem bigger.
    I have a little tip that for your liquid eyeliner 's problem. I apply liquid eyeliner on top lash line like you do but for lower lash line, I use a black eyeshadow. It's easier to apply and it gives a more dramatic effect.
    I hope it can help you ^-^"

  3. How did you scratch your eye again? Have you ever considered getting a contact remover?

    I haven't got one myself yet but judging from the reviews and a few videos I saw, it makes removing contacts so much easier! So don't be afraid! Good luck!

  4. @Toriberry- Haha, thanks~ All I do is put a bunch of glue on them and wait some seconds for it to dry. Then I apply them with tweezers from the inside going out. The practicing paid off! Will cream be okay on oily skin? I normally use Urban Decay eye primer (I didn't this time, because I didn't want to waste it) but the BB Cream I'm currently using likes to make my skin oily too, so I worry about that.

    @Toriberry & MiNi- Alright, when I go shopping Thursday, I'll put white eyeliner on the list!

    @MiNi- Thank you~ It's actually a combination of these and these! And I will try that for my bottom lashes ^^

    @Anonymous- I'm not sure if it was when I was trying to adjust them (for some reason, one eye was really blurry) or when I was trying to take them back out, all I know is that the next day it hurt to open my eye ;_; I'll will definitely keep that link though, it's already a struggle just to put them in, I could do with an easy removal, lol. I'll try my best!