Sunday, April 17, 2011

May's Ageha

Do you like the smokey look for eyes?

Look no further than May's Ageha, lol!
Yes, it's already out for download (though we won't be getting it in my state until May).

Anyway, there are a ton of pages on the smokey eye look.  I definitely don't mind, I like it most.  It's why I always gravitate to Sakurina's makeup.

As for the fashions....
They're not bad, but nothing extra spectacular.  This issue, they seem to be catering to everyone.  A lot of tame stuff.  You'll have no problem bringing this issue in and finding every coordinate at a Forever 21, lol.   Still, I was pretty disappointed, because when I saw Himena's previews, I was really hoping the floral theme would continue a little more.

Don't expect anything groundbreaking in the field of hairstyles either.   It's more or less of the same thing: curly hair that's down, or curly hair that's in a ponytail.

All in all, not a very special issue, but I'm really grateful for the smokey eye makeup all over the place.  I have more references to go by

Well anyway, here are a few pages/images from this issue.  I got it from Tokyo Jam.

Love this makeup~!!  Unfortunately the side is cut off, so now I'll have to guess it....  Also, they did something weird with the layout, where one section is eyeliner, another section is eyeshadow, and another is eyelashes....  Strange, but maybe they needed to fill the pages?   Then again, the earthquake may have happened while they were working on this part.  Probably had a lot of powerful aftershocks to deal with too, so I guess I'll just go with it.
Her makeup is 'meh', but I really like her tan.  I think I may be about her skin color naturally.  If I could just get my skin to stop going insane for a moment, lol.
I know it's normal to extend your eyelashes past your eye for enlargement effect/making the eyelashes look even longer... but this looks less like either of those, and more like she accidentally stuck them too far out and just went with it....
Does she ever not have this hairstyle?  Ever since I started trying to notice her more in these magazines, it's like I never see her without this same look.  Perhaps they took all of her pictures way back in October and are now spreading them out, lol.
She was the one lone Gal-Loli.  Well, at least she's cute!
This was the best of the street snaps they had, and as you can see, very lackluster.   You may notice I circled her purse there.  It's really cute~!   I find myself still looking at punk clothing a lot, so I've finally decided I'll go Rokku-kei part time.  Extremely part time.  It's a decision I've been thinking about since December.  I'll master Hime-kei first though.
Love love love those high waist shorts~!  A waist is all I really have to show off, lol.
Besides her makeup, Sakurina was rather boring again.
Not usually a fan of color eyeshadow on myself (because I'm boring) but I liked this and I think I want to try it sometime.  Very sweet, but then again, sweet is Satomi's style.  You should see her in Vanilla Girl if you haven't.
Some cute floral dresses.   Also, is that a pair of Deary shoes in the background there?  Nah, probably not.  Although Satomi did recently model for a few of Yumetenbo's things.  She didn't design anything, she just modeled shoes and clothing they were already offering anyway.
It's always nice to see my inspirations as they progress.   After all, they didn't just wake up being able to do all of this.  She's even still fine-tuning her makeup.  Ahh, I've got so much road to tread....
And then out of nowhere, Rayearth cosplay (yes, this was in the magazine).  Hey wait... that girl in the middle....  Is that... RIHO??   I think that girl on the right has been in Ageha a few times before too.

Well, there you have it.
I don't think I'll get this issue.  I may like the makeup techniques, but I can just print out the scans for that.  Everything else was just too generic.

Here's a random fact, did you know that it's actually perfectly normal to sleep for several hours, wake up for another couple of hours, and then go back to sleep?   I just learned that Friday.  I always thought it was odd that I would sleep at 10p and randomly wake up at 4a.  It would stress me out, so I would just try to stay up as long as I could, aiding to ruin my sleep schedule.  Now that I know it's completely normal to do so, I guess I can relax, get on my computer for a while, and then go back to sleep when I'm tired again.

Um... don't ask me why I told you all of that.  It was just something cool I learned, lol.
The more you know!


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