Friday, April 1, 2011

...Or Hardly Working?

Ahaha, no, I'm working hard!

Today marks the end of my 3rd week since I got serious about my full switch to the Hime lifestyle.

But I feel like I'm not making any progress, lol.  I'm still making too many mistakes.

Like, I never seem to put on enough eyeliner, so you see the gap of skin color between real and fake eyelashes.  I'm not trying to be stingy, but I have no idea where to stop!   I'm too worried I'm putting on way too much....  And I'm too shaky in application.  I guess from a distance it doesn't matter, and even the best out there don't do it perfectly smooth, but the perfectionist in me says it definitely does matter, and if I walk out of the house like that, everyone will notice....
And for that matter, I never seem to put on enough glue on my eyelashes.  I keep thinking, surely this *extremely thin* layer will do it!  And then it starts peeling at the edges....

I got some wigs in a week ago.  One style I didn't like, and neither color was good for my skin.  Too gold toned....
And the heated curlers I got are too subtle.  My hair only responds to high heat.  I envy girls who can just put their hair in curlers for an hour, and then just walk out the door with perfect curls, lol.  Although I guess that would come with its own set of problems though.

My lipstick colors are too sheer, I can barely get any lipstick off of the... stick?   All they do is make my lips shimmery.  I was hoping for a pretty pastel pink and a nice shimmery beige!  I'm tempted to put a candle to it, see if it'll melt a bit and I can use it right, but I'll need a new container to hold them.  At least they smell like cake batter.

Aaaand....  I must admit, I haven't tried my contacts at all, lol.  Too scared after that scratched cornea problem last time.   How'd I do it so well the first time??

But I'm not giving up!
I just wish things were going more according to schedule, lol.

I did learn some nice Hime hairstyles should I ever get to accumulate the hair pieces, and I managed to find a good use for the Koji eyelashes I bought forever ago that I thought were too stiff and plain to use.  If I can just find some bottom lashes like the ones Sakurina is fond of that aren't "$50 billion and forever + shipping", that would be great.

Just a small update to show that I'm still working on it, and that I haven't suddenly changed my mind and decided to quit!

I wonder if I should take some pictures of my makeup attempts.  I guess at the very least, they'll serve as a nice timeline starter or something, so I can look back and go "Remember when I was that terrible?  Good thing I outgrew that!"

Anyway, last Monday, I checked my stats (I can't help it, I like seeing what posts people are coming here for!) and I noticed a huge surge in views!  A little more searching, and it seems someone posted my "Being a Princess" post on some Facebook page?  It was really surprising!

I'm obviously not very popular, and for good reason, as I haven't been networking much.  I still kind of feel like I'm not good enough yet, so I really shouldn't advertise myself, lol.

But I was really happy that a post of mine, one that came from the heart, got so many views.

Wherever that page was featured, it must have been a pretty popular place, so I'm honored.  I even gained a few new supporters (Can I call them supporters?  Are they?  Or maybe they're just watchers, I don't know, lol).

Lately, it feels like I'm always thanking someone in my posts.
But to be honest, I wouldn't be anywhere without everyone else's help and support.  I've always wanted to help people somehow, even if it was just in a little way.  It's my lifelong goal.  Now someone is passing my information along, where it might get some use!

So, thank you to the person who posted it, thank you to those who came to read it, and thank you to the new watchers I have!  I really appreciate everything!  And I only have to tell everyone all the time because I don't want anyone to believe I don't realize who made this all possible!

So, I just read Ageha's April issue.  Did you know they've got Bodyline stuff in there?
No, it's not an April Fool's joke!

I guess it's for some "inexpensive looks" section or something, but how crazy!
I'm pretty sure I have that dress, lol, or at least a version of it.  So straaaaange~!!   It's like they came to my blog and saw it!

Okay, I really doubt it, it was just by chance.  But at least my research was confirmed.   And besides, how can I not be excited when my biggest inspiration is wearing the same dress you bought months ago?  It's like your favorite actor sending you a message on your Twitter page or something, lol.
I hope this issue will be in stock out here soon.  There's a lot of cute Hime-kaji fashion in there (what with it being spring, I suppose), and for the few of you out there interested in this sort of thing, there's quite a few Gal-Lolis scattered around on the pages.

It's so nice to see spring here again!   That blizzard was enough for two winters....  I feel bad for those in the north still dealing with the snow.  Hope it warms up soon for you all!

I should be hearing from Half-Priced Books next week.  Hopefully with good news!


    i love your being so selfcritical and serious about things you want to do <3

    and you deserve popularity babe!!!!

  2. Haha, I'm my biggest rival, I'm always striving to be even better than what I see in my mind. Not even 100% isn't good enough, it's got to be 105%! I guess it'll help make me a better Gyaru in the end, but it is really frustrating when all I can see are the flaws.