Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love of Fabric

An hour ago, I had this dream, that I was walking through a warehouse. I was trying to escape with these people, and though things were urgent and we were sneaking around, no one came to stop us, either because they had no idea we were there, or they didn't care. We escaped and ran across this field, and somehow ended up in some kind of barn. The people I was with wanted to play NBA Jam for the Sega, but I didn't want to, because I already had the game, and so I was bored with it (random note, I really do have NBA Jam for the Sega, lol)

I left, seeing that I was at some kind of kid's birthday party. This dog kept following me. I kept petting it, and then telling it to go back because I couldn't take it with me, but it kept following me, so I ignored it for a while and tried to slip through the fence door to leave it in. When it started head-butting into me, I turned around and realized that I was being followed by a rhinoceros instead. It kept wanting me to pet it, so I did, but I had to tell it to go home because the chickens would be afraid of it. I went to this shack, but there were no chickens. I figured they must be in the back, and I told the rhino to stay where it was while I checked on them. But while I was talking to the rhino, something died in the shack. At first, I was a little annoyed that I would have to start over, but then I decided to just move on instead, and that if I ever needed 'it' again (I never saw what died, I just heard it dying much like Samus dies in Super Metroid), 'it' would be there. I went around to this clearing, behind all of the farm buildings, and there was a bunch of cages with chicks, chickens, and eggs. One chicken was free, and it started to peck at me, but once I petted it, it too started following me. Then I saw all of these eggs sitting on top of the cages that had happy faces, so I started to pet the eggs. They started turning yellow and the happy faces got happier, until they turned brown. I went back, and there was a book on making miniature food sitting on display in a barn across a river. The river was a deep blue, and completely translucent. Randomly, I tried to make a banana from the book. It came out too small for me to use. I decided to make French toast. I had to roll up this huge ball of bread, land it on the raft on the river, and drift it to the restaurant (which just looked like another barn with chefs in front of it). It took a few tries not to let it fall into the water, but I eventually got it. This is where I woke up.

Warehouse- Stored energy or hidden resources. The fact that I'm trying to escape means I need to let it out.
Farm- I need to develop more on an aspect of myself; I am ready for growth.
Dog- My strong values will push me forward and make me successful.
Rhino- I need to be aggressive in following my goals. Don't take 'no' for an answer!
Chicken- Lack of willpower. But only one was out of its cage. Does that mean my doubts are being locked away? It says if I see a bird in a cage, I'm feeling stifled, but chickens represent cowardice. I think the chicken part is more predominant than the fact that they are birds.
Egg- Creative potential. Something new is about to happen. Also, since there were a lot of eggs, it might mean I'm in for some financial gain.
River- To cross one means I've got to overcome an obstacle first. It might also mean that I'm going too much with the flow, and I need to start taking action. Might be in regards to looking for a job....
French toast- I'm satisfied with how things are going.

To my experience, it does no good to get your hopes up too much, because you run the risk of losing everything, and therefore, being completely crushed when you realize there's nothing left to hope for. I try not to get wrapped up in all of the 92873749834 things I can so totally make when I'm done with my classes, but for all I know, I won't be able to make any of these things for another 2 years. Maybe it sounds negative, but I really don't know what will happen in the next few months. As really happy as I am designing clothes, I might not learn the proper techniques to make them for a long time, if ever. It's fun to dream, but it's important to make sure you come back down to reality every so often, to evaluate realistically your progress.

I'm such a killjoy, but I can't help it.
My moon sign is the Cancer, and my sun sign is the Capricorn.
Those Zodiac challenged should know that those two are polar opposites personality-wise. Some days, I feel extremely girly, with my head in the clouds, and others, I feel pretty grounded and logical. Sometimes they mix up, so I don't really know how to feel....

I found a great place for gorgeous lace yesterday. I can't believe I love lace so much.... I want to buy almost everything in her stock! I keep looking at SULA's dresses in hopes that I can make something like those for my dolls too. It's so unfair that Japan gets all of this fancy wonderful stuff, and we get such boring material.

I also found a great place to publish a book. Ever since AuroreBlackCat made a book of her characters and dolls, I've wanted to as well, not to sell like she did, but to have, and show off when I have all of the concepts for my characters done. I doubt anyone would want to buy my books, so that's why I'm not concerned with resale. It'll probably be forever before I get to do this project. I have a lot of characters to buy and create, a lot of pictures to draw, a LOT of work to be done.

It's hard to keep myself from being so ambitious. I've got to take things in stride....

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