Sunday, September 5, 2010

"No wig, no life".... I think I understand

Took my second class for sewing Thursday. It's such a laid back class, with only 6 people, including me and the teacher. I'm still learning how to draft a skirt (I couldn't find the triangle he wanted, so I had to finish my assignment in class), but we started marking lines on my fabric, so I guess I'll be making it next class. I still can't say whether I like the class or not. I mean, I like the atmosphere, and I like that I can take my time (I'm a really methodical person, so I like to take things step by step until I'm confident in what I'm doing) but I haven't made anything. I've got 10 classes left though, hopefully I'll learn plenty of things ^_^

But because of this class, my wishlist for making things has grown a lot ^^; I keep seeing outfits, or drawing ideas for my characters, even though I'm trying to pace myself. It doesn't help that I've started plotting out my dream crafting room, which I tend to drift to when I start looking at furniture for my future amazing bedroom, lol.

I don't get why I love planning things out so much, considering my room is a total mess.... but I guess this is partly due to the fact that I have no dressers or cabinets or anything in my room. In fact, I don't even like the color of the walls in my room. I think if I had the room I loved, I would try extra hard to keep it looking nice. Right now, there's no rhyme or reason in my room. It doesn't really feel like home, and it certainly doesn't make me want to clean it up. I think if I had my dream room, it would always be neat.

The other day, I was reading some articles, and I came across an article about a woman who wrote 100 things she wanted in her perfect mate, and that she ended up meeting a man that fit 98 of those things, and the 2 things he wasn't . I'm going to do it, but instead of for a guy, it'll be over my future. 100 things I want for a happy future. I may change my mind, I may not get even close to what I want, but it can't hurt, right? It's mostly over my dream house (a nice two floor, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse in the northwest suburbs, preferably somewhere in Schaumburg close to Mitsuwa and Meijer, with a small backyard area, and nice, quiet neighbors, and even more specific things I won't get into, lol) but there's a lot of other things, like getting to see my friends more, and even gaining more great friends to share my hobbies with, and a good paying basic job that allows me to pay for the things I need without struggle. And, of course, my major dream, of one day starting an online store to sell my Hime-kei dresses and accessories for people and ball joint dolls. Apparently, if the 'spirits' agree with it, it'll happen. So, um, spirits, do your best? Haha~

Yesterday, I downloaded a magazine from Tokyo-Jam over at LiveJournal which seems to be Prisila's wig book. They give you lots of different hairstyles using their wigs and hair bits. My goodness, is this all it takes? Most of the styles take less than 10 minutes, and many of them are even just 5 minutes! Here I was, convinced by Ageha that I would have to be hair straightener savvy just to get anything cute, and all you really have to do is put your hair in a bun, and let the wig do it's work? Now I definitely want a walk in closet. Originally, my hope was to put a vanity on one side, and then a bunch of clothes on the other. But a whole wall full of wigs and hair pieces sounds like a much better idea! It certainly makes more sense to do it this way. If you want to check out this book (but try to buy it if you can too!), go here, and look for a book called Hair Arrangement Stylebook (It's the first one on the second row, as of typing this). If you've ever wondered how these people get these amazing styles, it's not all naturally thick hair and hundreds of dollars for the best hairdresser in town, it's wigs!

Here are a few of my favorites. I can't wait to try them out someday~

And I like this one the most~

No wonder those girls over there love these things. They make it so fun and easy.... I've got to get some money, so I can see if they have this book over at Mitsuwa.

*sigh* I miss Mitsuwa. I could go for some strawberry daifuku and Kasugai gummies right about now.

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