Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shape the Future

Hehe, JSR reverence ^_^

I just randomly decided to check out the magazine My Best Hair, the September edition (I think there was another one during the summer, so I had to specify) on

Their hair is so cute and natural~ it makes me want bangs really badly. You don't know how close I've come to cutting my own bangs. I've cut my own hair before, and it came out alright.... But you can't really hide bad bangs, lol. I've tried looking for tutorials or tips, and came up with really nothing, besides a lot of people cutting someone else's hair, not their own, or when they say "Cut your own bangs!" they really mean "Trim bangs that you already have!" I'm also trying to see how I might look with bangs. I can't tell! Ah well, I chickened out when I tried to cut my bangs, and decided to round out the edges of my hair around my face again, to give them a bit of shape. They look rather nice, so much better than the first time I did it some years ago. I guess I'm getting better at it.

But anyway, a few scans of my favorites, courtesy of Tokyo Jam

Also, if you can find it, check out the summer edition as well. They have such cute hairstyles <333

Recently, I've been getting into horoscopes, Western, and Chinese. For those who know the lingo, I'm a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, Aquarius Ascendant, and I was born in the year of the Wood Ox.

It's always a lot of fun, looking at my birth charts and seeing how completely similar I am to them ^_^ And it's not even like those blanket terms, like "You enjoy eating foods you like!" But really good descriptions, like my methods for making people laugh, the fact that I believe everything teaches you something, even something small like how I'm a bit clumsy. It's really interesting to look at. On my Wood Ox side, it says that I'm a very liberal type, and I come off as indecisive even though I'm really just taking a long time to make a decision. But once I've made my choice, I will rarely change it (my Ascendant in Aquarius says the same thing, so I guess I'm double it?)

It's all very true~ It's just so much fun to look at these things <3 If you're a bit curious if your signs match your personality:
Birth Chart
Chinese Zodiac


  1. really thank you for the first website

    My birth chart is so damn perfect ^^ it really help you figuring out problems read what you gotta help us

    I love introspective stuff
    I love also numerology... numbers give you so many signs in daily life.

    As to the chinese zodiac since my korean teacher told me you should read it having your year animal,month animal,day,hour etc.: in mind and I NEVER found a decent source that analize all that combined but YEAR only I never loved it so much.

    I had an INDIAN(Asia not native americans uh :P) ASTROLOGY book that was amazing ;_______;

    sorry if i comment so much but i got a crush on you and the comment form is made for it XD

  2. It's quite alright ^^ I never get comments on here, so it's great, and I don't think anyone has 'crushed' on me in years. Or maybe not, I don't know. I've been told I have an unapproachable air about me, so if anyone is, maybe they're too scared to talk to me, lol.

    My birth chart is pretty good, with only a couple that may cause problems. One was the major one, the sun and moon opposites, but like I said, my ascendant is the thing that brings harmony.

    I did find one site that told me all of my Chinese zodiac signs, but I have no idea what it all means, lol. Let's see, I think my hour is the Metal Snake, my day is the Metal Rat, my month is the Earth Rat, and, of course, I was born in the year of the Wood Ox, and I think altogether, I'm the Metal Ox. I had no idea what any of that meant though, so I gave up. I'd love to find somewhere that combines both my Western and Eastern horoscopes, so I can see how they affect each other.