Sunday, September 19, 2010

Languages, Colors, Sleep.

Forgot about my schedule again, and went to sleep 15 minutes before midnight -_-; Funny thing is that I knew when it was 9p, and I knew when it was 9:30p, but completely didn't pay attention as 10p rolled around. I'll keep trying!

A few days ago, I read in my transits (I swear, I'm not obsessed....) that it was a good time to learn a language and that there would probably not be a better time. Well, last night, I up and decided, I was going to learn Korean. And it was all thanks to 2pm member Kim Junsu (Not to be confused with the one from DSBK)! Well, alright, it wasn't because of him, I basically was trying to find out who the light brown haired guy was in the music video for Again & Again, which with the way my mind works, I went from looking for him to looking up programs that teach languages. While still complicated, as most languages are, it's a ton easier than Japanese is.... At least in my opinion. Still, it's not very easy, because I'm learning it on my own. I wonder why I chose Korean? It's not a bad choice, I just wonder why I like it so much. I bet it's because of all these cute boy bands, lol.

This morning, I took a color hue test. Last time I took it was almost 2 years ago, which if I remember, I got a 12 (the lower the score, the better you are at discerning colors) and they were all pretty much in the green-blue area, which I seem to have most trouble discriminating between.

Well, today, I got....

Whoo! I only missed 3 this time! Still in the green-blue area, but I did great! This is definitely going on my refrigerator XD

Had a couple dreams last night (I woke up once at around 4a). The first one involved me going inside some ancient temple in a video game, where a tyrannosaurus rex was chasing me in a corridor. I got hit, but it allowed me to get behind it, and attack. But I underestimated where it would next show up, and I got hit again. I fell down into this room, where a giant centipede showed up. I somehow knocked it over, and I had to hit the switch under it, but I had the wrong item equipped, so I missed it before it flipped back up. Suddenly, the room filled with water, and a whale started attacking. For some reason, some other large fish showed up, and the whale ate it, refilling its health. I had to use a trident with these energy orbs inside it to fight. Lots of fighting there....

The next one involved me escaping some factory, when suddenly I went through a door. I ended up in a dorm room, with 4 beds. There were 3 other girls, and I was apologizing for being such a poor roommate, to which 2 of them started complaining, and one of them said it was okay. I suddenly had classes, but I couldn't find my schedule. I was already 30 minutes late, and I decided to just skip it, although someone started telling me I would get in trouble for ditching. I told them that it was just college and that I would be alright, and I went to the store. I don't remember going in, but I remember leaving, and seeing some guy trying to push a bunch of grocery carts. Between him and the carts, trying to help push, was Jesse, a guy I used to know in real life from my year spent in college, someone I did not like, but even with the two of them, they couldn't do it. I kept calling the other guy, Michael was his name it seemed, but he couldn't hear me, so I got behind him and helped him push. It started to move, albeit slowly, and we pushed it out of the way of the street. Michael then noticed me behind him, and told me that he was embarrassed when he was using these tickets to buy the food, so he spent $10,000 on food using his actual money, money he didn't really have. I chastised him, and went to his house to help him sell his extras. I have such odd dreams.

So, ever since I started looking at movie review, I've started noticing how movies aren't nearly as exciting as I thought they were, lol. Ended up watching one of the sequels to The Matrix (no clue which, but probably the last, I caught it in the middle) and was watching their hand to hand near the end. They were so.... lackluster. An earlier me would be all sucked in! I notice things I never would have noticed long before, so it's so weird.

Just a random thought I realized, is all.

Seriously, why can't all guys look like Jun.K? He is now my new standard, although I don't think very many people will be able to compare, especially in this town. BUT, all the more reason to focus on myself instead, right? Lol, logic wins again.

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