Friday, September 17, 2010

These days

Today, I randomly decided to look for some Korean radio stations to listen to. I'm really thankful for the Internet, because of things like this. It's so nice to have a taste (taste?) for a certain kind of music, and you can go online and find it in a second. I remember how sad I was when our cable company dropped the AZN channel, which was how I discovered one of my favorite artists Se7en. Bad thing, I get too wrapped up in the songs, I'm afraid to leave and miss a song I like! They're all too catchy and all the love songs make me smile ^^ I wish we had more love songs like these, and less of this bad music we've been getting lately.

Yesterday, our class was chosen for a special on a news program, on the rising popularity of sewing classes. Since I was the newest and youngest in the class (only by 6 years though, I'm not *that* young anymore!), they really wanted an interview with me. I thought that I would be nervous, but when it came time, I wasn't. Of course, now I worry I'm going to see myself and see that they filmed me with a huge booger in my nose, lol! Oh, I hope not! I wore a nice shirt and straightened my hair that day! I looked kind of decent, for once.

Been planning a lot lately, for no reason. Writing out schedules, layouts, bookmarking tons of furniture. Lately, things are starting to feel more definite, like I'm seeing a future that's starting to unfold.... Wait, does that even make any sense? I don't know, just lately, it suddenly feels like I'm going to meet someone who's going to make all of my dreams come true, and in a couple years' time, everything I've ever wished for, or really close to it, will be there. But I couldn't tell you what's giving me this feeling. It just feels really strong. Is it because I've been planning it? Sometimes I have to remind myself that anything can happen and that even though I want something a lot, doesn't mean I may ever get it, or even come close. It's not a fun thing to think about, but I can't allow myself to get carried away, or I'll be really disappointed once I realize things aren't going my way, and I'll go back to my old ways of drifting through life....

Feeling so restless these days. How frustrating.

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