Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yesterday, I decided to adhere to my schedule, at least the sleeping part. Well, I tried.... I was already late by 15 minutes because I missed the time. Then I proceeded to get sidetracked by an episode of How I Met Your Mother that I hadn't seen before. Ended up watching the next one, because I hadn't seen that one either. So it was 11p, I turned off my TV, and started to turn off my computer, but one of my favorite reviewers put up another video, so of course, I watched it. It wasn't until 11:30p that I finally turned off the computer and went to sleep! But it's better than how I normally do it.

It's for the best, because I fell asleep at 4p that day, and woke up at 8p. I'll try to stay up until 10p, so I'll be tired. I really want to follow this schedule, because even if none of my other goals are accomplished, as wonderful as they are, I'd like to at least accomplish this one, since it's easy and already thought out. But anyway, because I slept so early, I'm awake now.... Lol, I went to sleep 4 hours early, and woke up 4 hours early too!

Yesterday morning (I woke up early then too), I got bored and started drawing out the layout of my dream room, because I'm eccentric like that. I ended up branching out and drawing the whole second floor, and what started as me having the master bedroom turned into me having the second biggest room, lol. I guess it doesn't matter, as long as I have enough space for everything I want in there. I wanted to go full-on interior design, find my colored pencils and bristol board, and start designing. I really do have this room all planned out, and as I was sketching the layout, everything came easy for me. In fact, I only made a few alterations, where I realized something wouldn't work where it was placed. Then I moved on to planning the craft room out. I've got that mostly down too, but I'm trying to figure out where to put the TV (there won't be one in my room, so I want one in there) and a bigger display case for my future dolls. I'm having a lot of fun, so I must be pretty dull, lol.

The weather has been chilly as of late. It's a little sad, because it felt like summer ended kind of abruptly, almost like the very second it hit September 1st. It was really hot, just a little while ago! I already can't wait for spring, lol.

I was randomly looking at those daylight light bulbs this morning, because I was wondering if I could get them in my room. Someone made a comment about how it helps people with SAD (seasonal affective disorder, I believe, which must be a coincidence name-wise). For a moment, I wondered if I was crabby because I suffered from that condition. Then I remembered I'm like this because of the situation I'm in, knowing I can never be myself and that I will never be completely accepted as long as I'm in this house.... I wish my condition could be cured with a light bulb.... Then again, it's because of all the narrow-mindedness that I'm the liberal type I am. I almost grew up to be just like them (12 years back, I remember being taught certain things, and it almost ruined a friendship with a person who was experimenting with witchcraft, something I was taught to be evil and wrong. I can't believe I was once that bigoted person) Should I think of it that way? Maybe this situation is a blessing in disguise. A really annoying blessing that makes me feel more misunderstood and alone than ever, heh. But at least I don't follow Fox News.

I have the urge to play some Ar Tonelico, one of the two, since I haven't finished either, lol.
Also, I have a penchant for finding the one person in a group no one ever cheers for attractive, while the one everyone likes, I'm always like 'meh'. What's up with that? Listening to 2PM's Again & Again to its namesake ^_^ Get it?

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