Sunday, August 22, 2010

I keep dreaming.
Of guys I feel like I've known forever, but in reality, I've never met. I don't think I've met them.

It's never the same guy. The only similarity is that they all seem to be brunettes. I guess that's my preferred type, though my boyfriends have had hair that ranged from platinum white to dark brown, I don't know.

They're always asking me out, or about to ask me out. I'm never shocked or surprised. I always expect it, like it was obvious that it would happen eventually. They always work at some mundane place, like a food court, or a hardware store. They ask if we can take a walk somewhere. I'm leading the way. They hold my hand.

Sometimes they ask before I wake up.
Sometimes they're still coming up with the right words, but I already know where they're going.
Who are these people?

It's annoying. It feels familiar, but it isn't. I feel like I know these guys, but I don't. I've never even been in these kinds of situations in real life, and in fact, I don't even think guys do it anymore.

These dreams only make me dislike real guys even more. Why can't they ever be cool like the ones in my dreams? I shouldn't have to settle for someone I'm not attracted to, either. Why should I compromise and not be happy? I'm tired of not being happy with my choices!

Maybe it's this town. The idiots bred in these parts have made me bitter. I'll never forget the guy who thought I'd be flattered when he hit the hood of my car and proclaimed "Ey girl!" at me while at a stop sign. No class, these men have no class.

But canopy beds decorated with roses do <3
Hm, now what do I do?
No use in thinking about it, nothing I can do but hope that being nice comes back into style someday soon. And that the one person perfect for me isn't living in Europe or something.

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