Saturday, August 7, 2010

Disappearing Week

Where did my week go? I remember Monday.... and that's it! Suddenly, I checked the day (I like to go to, and my favorite reviewers post on certain days so I wanted to see what day it was) and it was Saturday! I was so shocked! I can't even remember what I did between Monday and Friday, besides going to Borders (I guess I went Thursday?) and watching daily reviews. I don't like it one bit!

And speaking of books, I read through all of my cookbooks, and I'm not disappointed at all with my decision, especially with my Essential Dessert Cookbook, which has quickly become my favorite. Everything in there looks so easy, and there's really no complicated techniques that they don't explain first. It's gotten a lot of good reviews as well, so if you want a book on desserts, get this one! Only thing, if I recall, there aren't that many strictly cake recipes, but since I don't particularly like cake and prefer pies and pastries (both of which they have a bunch of recipes for), it's no problem for me! They do have a bunch of recipes that involve some cake though, which I guess is good, because there's only so many times to make a typical cake. Many of the recipes are practically foolproof, and the few difficult 3-starred ones in the book really only need a little time and maybe using a technique you're not used to (which they always explain in detail) so as long as you follow the recipe, you'll do fine. Not a single time was I ever daunted by what I saw. In fact, I think the most difficult thing in the book was custard, which if you know custards, you'll know why, and a few recipes require ingredients not easily found, but it's nothing you can't alter or go around.

If you love desserts, and you happen to see this book at your store, buy it!

I find myself going to Facebook less and less nowadays, to the point that I don't even need to have it blocked now. I used to check it obsessively, like every 30 minutes, without any real reason why, but now, I end up doing other things. I cut out a lot of TV time as well. I think the last time I watched TV was Monday, when I watched How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory (and left the TV on for the other two shows in between, but turned the sound off and got online). Every time I turn the TV on, I either see that there's nothing I want to watch on and turn it off, or end up playing a video game. Lately, I've gotten back into Metroid Prime, trying to remember where everything is. I've played the game probably 4 times to completion before, getting 100% of the items and 100% of the scans (messed up my scans on hard mode, as I forgot to scan something in that sunken facility area, so I'll have to try that again once I'm used to everything in this playthrough), but it's been years since I last played, so sometimes I forget. Spent 45 minutes running around before I realized where the Ice Beam was, lol, and I remembered why I hate Space Pirates so much. I can't wait until I get to fight Ridley again, but I think I have a little ways to go before I reach him (I'm still missing her final visor, final suit, and all of the artifacts). Playing this makes me want to go find my Super Metroid game and play that too!

I need to stop looking at this dessert book. Everything looks so delicious! O_O

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