Friday, August 20, 2010

One Step Closer

I've done a little this past week!

Saturday, my grandma wanted me to buy her some food, but since I hadn't showered that day, so I was all sweaty and gross, I didn't want to go. As a result, she decided to make me wash the dishes, including any that were in the refrigerator. There weren't that many dishes, so I thought it was a trap, since she would never just let me off that easy. I figured she must have also want me to clean the shelves in the refrigerator, so I cleared out EVERYTHING. Seriously. There was a bottle of salad dressing we got when I was a kid in there....

At the end of throwing everything no longer fit for human consumption, there was probably a total of 15 things in there, most of which were condiments. My grandma came in when she saw me cleaning one of the door shelves (which, might I add, hadn't been cleaned in at least 5 years *shudders*) and was so impressed, she didn't even need me to clean the rest of the dishes. She went out to buy us lunch and told me that she would be headed to the grocery store later on. Remembering that I wanted to make a cheesecake from my dessert book, I brought it out to look at while one of the shelves soaked and I rested (I hadn't eaten anything since she said she was getting us food, so I was feeling a little anemic).

When she came back, she saw my book, and we ended up looking at it, page by page. Somewhere, she mentioned that there was a class about herbs going on, if I was interested in signing up. I was shocked that she was going to pay for a class for me, but she said that a class like that couldn't be more than $300 or $400.

I had a certain class in mind only going for $280 <3

I immediately told her about the pattern drafting class I wanted to join that was nowhere near $400 (last I checked, 12 weeks was going for $312). We signed me up after we finished looking through the book. They were running a deal where if you got 12 weeks, you would get 6 of those weeks 70% off, making it a bit under $280. So, refrigerator because extra clean and I reorganized all of the shelves to make it more efficient (my grandma likes to make extra large amount of food, so I fixed it so that if she ever made a pot, we could move the juices to the door if needed, as well as fit shorter pots on the bottom shelf) and I got to take the classes I've been dreaming about since the first day I saw them last year. Oh, and she bought me the ingredients to make a pear and ginger cheesecake.

The next day, I made the cheesecake. I'm going to add a little less sour cream and bake it for 35 minutes instead of 40, but it was pretty good! Niki and Steve liked it too! I was pretty proud of it, even though it took a long time because our food processor is really small, and I had to do everything in batches. I can definitely trust this book XD

Wednesday, I went to the beach with Niki and Steve. I haven't gone swimming in forever. I had a lot of fun, but the aftermath wasn't so ;_; Regardless of the sunscreen I put on, I still got burned a bit on my back, on my upper cheeks, and I got burned on my lips, which then swelled up ;____; My lips were already pretty big, so now they're just really annoying to deal with. Go back to normal!

Anyway, the next day, I went to my sewing class. There were only 4 other people there, and the teacher was really nice ^^ It was super quiet, save for their music. It's only been one day, and I spent that time drafting a pattern for a skirt, so I can't really say I have a serious opinion, but so far, it doesn't seem so bad, and even though I spent the whole time drawing lines on paper, I wasn't bored for a second. Being in this class really got my creative juices flowing. I designed 2 more things this morning, and I have the urge to design something else too. I can really start thinking about what I want my dolls to wear now, and I even looked up how to make shoes for dolls (I want to make some replications of Jesus Diamante shoes for my one-day-hopefully-maybe shop). I've been looking at different fabrics for hours. Wah~ I'm so excited! I'm going to finally learn how to sew clothes!

I can see my dream forming more and more. I'm just a little bit closer to what I've envisioned, so I'm really happy <3

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