Thursday, August 5, 2010

Books, check 'em out!

Blast from the past, lol, or maybe I'm the only one who would get the title reference.

Yesterday, my grandma found some gift cards from Borders that she never used, and she gave them to me. How much was on these cards? Almost $60 total! Shopping spree!! ...Kinda? Lol

So I just got back from my trek. I bought a book on how to make cute bento meals called Yum-Yum Bento Box (which the website said they didn't even have! I sure showed them XD), a cool looking book on tea parties called, well, Tea Party that won a place in my list with just one strawberry rose meringue recipe. Actually, I was going to buy it anyway, because of all the tea recipes, but when I was comparing it to another tea party book (there were like 4 different ones, I didn't even know there would be one!) and that's when I saw it. Then I bought some dessert books. The cookbook section was kind of big there, since it had 2 rows. I'm only used to spending time in the art book section, which is only one section, so it was a surprise to turn the corner, and there was a whole area full of dessert books! I love sweets~

Anyway, they had a column full of discounted books on desserts. I bought a set that has a book with 200 cookie, biscuits, and brownie recipes, that also came with cookie cutters (I bought it just for the cookie cutters, since I could also use them for bentos in the future) for only $4, and a book called The Essential Dessert Cookbook, which I only looked at one page. It was a marbled raspberry cheesecake piece, and I didn't need any more prompting. Plus, it was only $7.

Now, I'm looking over my bento book. It got a lot of good reviews, and was apparently written by certain bento bloggers who I guess are kind of big on the Inter-webs. Personally, I'm just glad I finally have a book that also specializes in charaben (bentos with characters, like rabbits and whatnot). I've seen a ton of books with traditional looking things, but since I like cute things, it would be nice to have cute lunches someday too XD So far, I love the book, and I'm only like 12 pages in, lol. I hope one day I can start making these ^_^

Oh yeah, while I was at Borders, in the check out line, there's a section where you can buy markers. Someone wrote on the little pad in front "You are beautiful." It made my already great day even better! Such a nice thing to write <3 It was nice to get out, and crank my music with the windows open, although I got a really weird look from some guy I passed while listening to I'm On A Boat, lol!

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