Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sayaka Leaves Ageha

I just found out today that Sayaka Araki left Ageha in March's edition.

I feel like that came out of nowhere!
Then again, I can't read Japanese.  Maybe they talked about it in February's edition.  They did have a huge picture of her on the first page.

I wonder who will replace her.  Lately, it seems the main girls are/were Sayaka, Sakurina, and Satomi.  Maria and Rin are there occasionally, Riho is pretty much being phased out, and Shizuka... well, she's probably there all the time, but every time I see her, she looks completely different, lol.  (probably just a me thing)  And to be honest, I actually forgot about Rina, lol.  Shows how much I notice her around.

All of the other girls are just guests, it seems.  Yep, Sayo, Himena, any other girls you see all the time, they're just considered guests.

They'll need another main model, I think.  I wonder who she might be.

I wasn't a huge Sayaka fan, but she will be missed.
Besides it being her last issue, March's edition seems like something I want.

Had a huge adventure yesterday, but I'm not going to talk about it until a week from now. XD


  1. Really? Are the other models all considered guests? But how can they be guests if they appear in the magazine so much!

    Maybe they'll bring in a new model, an unknown... I think that would be interesting, you know?

  2. Yep, just guests! When you see the main models' job description, it has them specifically listed as 'Ageha model', whereas everyone else either states their day job or what club they work at. It's strange, especially when people like Yurika have been there for what seems like years! You can also tell if they're just guests because they give them the '-san' suffix.

    That would be pretty interesting, but I doubt they'd do that. I think Satomi used to be a guest until they bumped her up, so I think they'll just ask their most popular models if they want to be full fledged. They've got soooo many new models being featured multiple times, they have a lot to choose from, lol.

  3. i love ageha magazine! I wish i could actually buy them. I'm forced to just read what i can online. lol. Anyway thank you about the hair comment! I didn't even think to try that! <3 I shall give it a shot!

  4. lol Thank you for the comment! ya i changed my name thingy without thinking ^_^() I'm so very sorry about that! I would never hide from someone as pink and sweet as you! lol

  5. lol I'm sorry i keep commenting on the same post ^_^()! OMG thank you thank you thank you for the mintymix suggestion!! the wigs are adorable AND affordable! I love the split wigs! The black and pink or the blond and pink are my favs! I think you would look to to cute with pink hair <3!!!! do you know if the wigs are real or synthetic hair?