Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunamis

My grandma woke me up to tell me that Japan experienced a huge earthquake early this morning, followed by a tsunami and many aftershocks, and that tsunamis are now headed along the coasts out in the west, such as the Philippines and New Zealand.

Obviously I can't say something like "I hope they are safe" because I know that they aren't.  All I can hope is that they can rebound from this.  I know their losses were great....

Now the tsunamis are starting to hit our coast.  I know Hawaii was already hit.  Many people underwent a vertical evacuation.  We just had our first Tsunami wave in Oregon, and it looks like San Fransisco is starting to get hit too.  They're small now, but they're getting bigger by the minute.  Don't anyone get tempted to go out to the water!  Please stay away from the coasts!

To all my readers in those areas, my thoughts and prayers go out to you.  I only wish there was something more I could do....

If you know the name of someone and want to know if they are among the death toll or the missing you can go here and find out.  I have no idea how good it is, but perhaps those with family or friends out there can find find out if they are safe.  It may still be early though.  They still don't know all of the damage themselves.

I owe Japan a lot for the person I am and the joy that I've recently found, so should the option come along, I hope that I can help in some way!
And I hope that the tsunamis headed out to other countries and our own aren't too severe.  Especially our own state of Hawaii.  Please be okay!


  1. It's so tragic. My heart is truly broken..

  2. I have family, friends, and my bf was stationed in Japan when everything happened. My bf and family were unaffected, but my friends suffered some damage. Happily, everyone is good in health.

    I'm saddened by what happened, but I donated, prayed, and now am looking forward to the rising of that wonderful sun!

  3. I'm glad everyone was okay as well!

    Yeah, I think Japan will definitely bounce back, even though it will take time. I just hope they learn to pull together, because I read that the stress is really wearing them down.