Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Next 12 Weeks/Respect for Japan

As you know from my previous post, my official Hime debut is on June 4th, which is only 12 weeks away.

Previous to this decision, I was really just kind of drifting along.

I mean, I really wanted to be a Hime-gyaru, but with there being no sense of urgency, I was just going along with everything.  I wasn't really pushing myself like I should.

Sure, I'd put on my shoes and walk around in them for a little bit.
Or I'd try out a makeup technique now and then.
But there were a lot of days when I was just lounging around, when I thought, 'Maybe I should try something,' only for me to just go back to lounging around.

But now that I have a due date of sorts, I've got to step it up.

To start off, Friday, I decided to print out some to-do lists for everyday.   These are things that I want to start doing every day I wake up.  I want to make them a habit.

For example, I do wash my face, but sometimes, because I'm not doing anything that day, I'll get lazy, and I won't wash it well.  Some days, I won't do anything!   My skin responds well to daily washes as well as a daily lack of washes, but should I wash my face, then stop for a few days, my skin just breaks out.  Of course, I can't just stop washing my face.  Besides having an oily T-zone, my skin tends to renew itself very quickly... too quickly.  Even if I skip one day, even if all I did was stay at home the whole time, my face looks gross and grimy and sometimes on dry days even starts to get flakey.  I don't like it, but it's sometimes a hassle to scrub my face so often.

Well, hassle or not, it's got to be done daily lest my face explode into acne for whatever reason, so I made a checklist for everyday.   For now, it's a really simple list, which details every little step.

Then I printed out my free calendar from Sanrio and on it, I will mark down what technique I'll practice that day.

Friday was lipstick combinations... although at the time I only had one lipstick color, lol.  (I bought a couple more yesterday)  I decided to start with that to see how my new lipgloss looked though.   The color turned out extra pretty, but my lips looked bad because I didn't scrub them enough before.  Lately, but my lips have been on the fritz, so to speak.  I over-rubbed them in an attempt to get a rough patch off of them, so they became raw, and in an effort to heal itself, I ended up with a lot more dead skin on them than usual.  I'll clear them out and the next day it's back.  My go to lip balm Lip Smackers (the only lip balm I had come across since this series of tinted ChapStick lip balms came around forever ago that wasn't greasy or waxy on my lips) wasn't working to soothe them.  After taking off the lipstick, I tried a nice honey sugar scrub.  Pretty simple, just a little sugar, a little drop of honey, rubbed the mixture on my lips, dabbed my fingers in a little warm water, and started lightly scrubbing until the sugar melted, then I rinsed it off (licking would have just dried out my lips, as tasty as it might have been!).  I did that twice, and got the dead skin off before putting on my lip balm, of which I decided to try out Burt's Bees in Medicated and Honey types that I just bought that day.   They don't feel as sore right now.  I think the honey from the scrub and the medicated lip balm might be helping.  The edges of my lips are still producing a lot of skin in order to heal, but it doesn't feel stiff like usual, and I'm not getting a ton of skin flaking off immediately.  I think this stuff will give me the chance to let my lips heal because I won't have to do a scrub everyday.  Plus, it smells like cloves!

Lol, I got on tangent.

Anyway, I'll do this cosmetic part everyday except on Sundays.  Sundays I hope to turn into a skin renewal day.  I want to find out what will help my skin improve.

This is how my Sundays will always be.  I won't put on any makeup, style my hair with curlers, or even wear heels.  I think it's important to give your body a break every so often.  I'll only do my regular schedule, though as time goes, I hope to do more, such as putting on masks, soaking in a nice bath, and other health regimens for the body.   Like I told someone before, I want to get a regular job, so that Sundays can be my relax day.  People usually dread Sundays because it's the last day before you go back to work/school Monday.

Saturday, I practiced putting on eyelashes.   Just eyelashes, no eyeliner or anything.  I can never get my eyelashes to stay on my right eye.  Meanwhile, my left eye will end up perfectly.  It doesn't seem to matter which eye I start with, my right eye does not like lashes!   I got a new glue that I like so far, because once the glue was on, the lashes didn't go flicking off at the edges, like it usually does.  Yesterday's goal was only to put them on properly, eventually, I'll get to test the longevity.

Monday, I will attempt some techniques in Ageha with eyeshadow, omitting the lashes for now.   Eventually, I'll start combining things, practicing to do them more efficiently, but for now, I'll do them one at a time until I get the hang of them.  It may give me a better idea (I seriously almost spelled that "eyedea", WTF!  Pun averted!) of what I like best and what I feel works for my face.

I bought some heated rollers Saturday so I can start work on Tuesday's event of hair styling.   I really only know how to use my straightener....  My curlers scare me, lol.   I tried them once, but even with the Chi Silk Infusion on my hair, it didn't really slide well.  Maybe it's just the curlers, I don't know.  But I won't be able to get tighter curls unless I do this.  I must conquer my fear!

Wednesday, I have to try walking around in heels.   When I'm at home, I don't walk the same way I do outside, so I don't really get a sense of how much work they can be.   Maybe I can try walking around the block in them, getting a feel for how I should walk.  I'm used to having a long stride because I'm wearing gym shoes, so I have to practice shortening them, and I have to get a little strength in my calf muscles.

Thursday is my class, so I guess it'll be a good time to practice putting on my circle lenses after.   The first time I tried them was just to see the color, the second time, I scratched my cornea and couldn't stop them from being blurry (don't worry, it lasted for a day, I just kept it closed.  I wouldn't suggest you do that though, it could be serious!).  I'll try one more time, see if I can get them in.  My Max Pure Violet ones were gorgeous!  (The Candy Pink ones didn't really come out pink on my eyes, they just looked like a really light brown.  I guess I needed dark brown eyes instead of just regular brown to make them work )

After that, I'll start the cycle again for a few weeks until I start combining things.  At week 3, I'll start adding more things to my checklist too.  Week 6, I will try to do all the techniques every few days.  It won't be an everyday thing, and when I'm not putting on everything, I will continue individual techniques.  I haven't decided what I'll do after that, all I know is that come first Saturday of June, I will go into full gear.  I may do more test runs, but I really don't want to do too many.  Trying to keep it under wraps.

I thank all of you who supported me when I spoke on my debut.  I was really surprised when I came back to so many comments!  Haha, now I really can't slack off!  If I don't post anything come that day, I'll be in trouble!  I wanted to give a more formal thank you, instead of putting it in the comments, because your kind words really meant a lot to me.  So thank you, and lots of good luck to those also making their own debuts!

I also wanted to take a little time to post a nice link to places you can donate to to help Japan.
We may not all be able to head down there and help out personally, but if you've got a Paypal account, please send something their way.  They are going through more than ever, so I know any help will do lots of good.

But, it's okay to post things that are happy now.  I mean, they're going through a lot, but I don't think it would do anyone any good to only think about the unhappiness going on.

I know I've seen a few posts from people, feeling guilty for posting such lighthearted things with everything going on overseas.
But moving on does not mean you are forgetting, or that you don't care.  It just means that we are pushing forward.  If we dwell, we won't get anywhere.  They are hurting, but it's no good to remind them of their pain, especially when they're working so hard to get through it.  I think we should show them that there's a light in the tunnel and that they will be able to make it there soon.  It's time to rebuild, because there's much to do.

So for those who are unsure of whether to move on with their lives, or if it's okay to go back to talking about things like the fun movie they watched or the cool clothes they bought, just know this; we will not forget.  We do care about Japan.  Of course we care about Japan.  But Japan is strong, and they have strong allies too, to back them up.  We shouldn't pity them for all of their losses.  We should respect them for all of their hard work, and know that while it may take some time, they will come back stronger than ever.

So do not feel guilty for enjoying your life even with the situation happening over there.  Just keep them in your hearts, help out however and whenever you can, and more than anything, send them some hope.  I believe in Japan.


  1. OMG could u possibly make a tutorial on how to put on eyelashes. No matter how hard i try i can NEVER get them right. I have a reeaallyy hard time trying to cut them. I always make them to short for my eye. And if i don't cut them then they always turn out to big for my eye. help please princess? ^_^()

  2. OMG i love that brand!! i was looking at Jesus Diamante shoes and i found these and almost DIED soooo cute:

    Thanks for the lashes advice! I will practice with the cheap ones first like you suggested! i never even thought to do that lol ^_^()

  3. eyelashes are a trouble for me to put on sometimes, too.

    Please take pictures of your hair and makeup adventures. I'd like to see the outcome.

  4. I'll try to, but probably not for a bit. I feel a little embarrassed for my little attempts, lol. They're not good enough for the public!

  5. what if its good and you're just being self conscious! XD