Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Yumetenbo Reviewing!

My order came in Saturday!   Which is great, because I ordered Sunday night and they sent it Wednesday morning.  One week!  I guess if you're not ordering on a holiday where lots of money is exchanged, you'll be fine.

Anyway, I've been keeping my purchases a secret.  Originally it wasn't meant to be a secret, but I was first worried that I'd jinx myself and everything I posted would be sold out.  By the time I knew my order was confirmed, I just felt weird posting a random entry just about what I got, only to later review them.

But now that they are here, I guess I should review!

The theme seemed to be 'comfort'.   The outfit and boots I got are so soft~  I was also able to confirm, if you are definitely a size 8.5US, you can definitely wear their LL shoes, regardless of the type.  You might still have trouble with these particular boots, but I'll get to that in a bit.

As always, Yumetenbo's service is pretty up there.  You send a message, they'll get back to you next day with English you can understand.  This time, in order to avoid the address issues they had for my last order, I typed in exactly how to put in the address in a message.  I think you can use their 'Special Notes' section to do so next time (I didn't, because I wanted to see if the way I did it this time would be correct.  It was not....  They definitely would have sent it to New York again, only to find there's no such zip code, lol).

It's picture heavy below the cut!

Purse :

Link I got them from
Color: White (now sold out!)

Okay, let me say it first, I love this purse so much.
It's big enough to hold all of things I would carry.   And it's actually cute!   No longer will I have to settle for my "Rebecca Chambers" bag (called that by a former classmate because it's green and has a medic cross on it; She wears green in her first appearance in Resident Evil, and is a medic) to hold all my things.
The inside is lined with gorgeous satin, so make sure you retract any mechanical pencils or pens before tossing them in.  It has a little pocket for a cellphone (I use it for hand sanitizer, because I am lame and don't have a cellphone....) and a larger pocket for...  Something larger? (keys! )  It also has a hidden pocket, for the stuff you want to keep hidden/out of harm's way.  For those of you who are embarrassed about feminine products with those super bright colors showing through, I put in my most neon maxi pads, and you could barely see them through the white satin (you'd really have to know what you're looking for to notice), so should you get pink, you'll be fine.  The sides unsnap, so if you are carrying something wider, you can accommodate them.  You could hold one big hardcover dictionary in there.  Don't know why you'd want to carry a huge dictionary, but there you go.
The smaller purse is not attached, and if you desire, you can even use it as a clutch.  Don't keep your wallet in there!  Anyone can just lift it off and take it away!  I think I'll use it for makeup.  Since the top of the purse snaps together (magnetic), you can probably secure it better by putting the strap in there, under the flap.  I like the look of it this way, so I think I'll do that.

I don't know if you can tell, but.... It's not white.
It's off white, no mistake.
I was really hoping for white, because I already have a beige Hello Kitty purse that I adore.  This purse is pretty much one shade lighter. (They look way different in this photo, but in real life, they're really close)

But it matches my JD replica coat!  Pretty much exactly!  And it's a little pearlescent.  I don't know if that was intentional or if it's just a side effect of the fabric they chose, but it's really pretty~

All in all, I really love this purse, even though it's not white like it says.  It's really well made and I will definitely get lots of use out of it.
5/5, it doesn't even lose points for not being white, it's so great.  Black and pink are still available, get you one!

(BTW, this was the item I needed help on a color choice.  Thanks again, NanaChan!  Everyone, go enter her wonderful contest NOW.)

Link I got them from
Color: Pink (ignore the purplish tinge in my pictures, it looks exactly like the shop photos irl)

Another item I absolutely love~
It's got so many pockets and spaces.  And I can actually hold change in there for once!!  This wallet makes me want to keep cash on hand, which I never do.

As you can see, it's in the same style as the purse.
Apparently, they are both made by Deary, but for some reason, the wallet came attached with a tag that said it was from So Lady.  Then again, they put stickers over the original color and style number, I guess they just ran out of tags or something.

Anyway, this wallet is so squishy~!  For obvious reason, as it is quilted.  It's really comfortable to hold.  I know that's a weird thing to notice, but I am all about comfort, so it just made me like the wallet more.

Pockets EVERYWHERE.  I finally have a place to hold all of my cards!  I only wish that at least one of them was clear, so I don't have to take my license out.
Let's see, there's the 4 cards you can put on the flap, plus a pocket for... I don't know, maybe a checkbook for those who still use them?  Maybe a mini notebook for keeping track of how much you spent?  Er, am I the only one who does that?
The accordion style area to hold receipts (pink because it's the pink wallet.  The black one is black with white polka dots).
The zip up area where I can hold my money and change (I like the way it zips up, it stops at the corner so it's easier to use and no worrying about the zipper getting stuck in the bottom of the wallet like a former wallet of mine used to do).
And 4 more pockets for cards, with another pocket, for extra cards!
Finally, there's yet one more pocket on the back.  I actually didn't notice it until the next day!
There's a bunch of stray threads, and at the bottom, you'll see some excess fabric from the accordion style holders.  This is as bad as it got.

It actually snaps, it's not magnetic, so it won't just randomly come open, throwing all the things you carefully arranged in there around into your purse.  And it's just as easy to take your cards out as it is to put them in.  Another exceptionally well made item that I love, love, love~!!  I hope to get to use this for years to come.

5/5, get this too!

Link I got them from
Size: LL
Color: Black B

I've never owned knee high boots before, so excuse me if I'm getting excited over things that every pair of boots ever has.
I was expecting really thin fabric to be on these boots, but actually, they're lined!
From toe to almost the top, lined with kind of a spongy lining.  They're really warm!

I found these shoes to be really easy to walk in, mostly because they're 9cm, and I'm used to the 11cm shoes I have.  And again, they *just* fit lengthwise.  I can order Yumetenbo shoes without any fear now.
On my overly long legs, with the flaps folded up, they are just over the knee, so I still get the length I want.  Shorter legs will of course get more length out of them.

These shoes are really narrow.
Really narrow.  And I have narrow feet.

Even the width of my feet are just a little too wide.  Just a tiny bit.  I have to keep my shoes flat on the ground to keep my feet from feeling squished.

It's really sad, because these shoes are otherwise very comfortable!  I wish I could suggest everyone get these!
Also.  I only got one bow!
The model is clearly wearing two, and I can't imagine that Yumetenbo would show that only to say there's just one.

Sure enough, it was a mistake.  They got back to me very quickly and have sent another one.  They're so nice, I always wish I could send them back a thank you pie or something, lol.
If you like the style of these boots but have normal sized feet, lol, they do have other knee high boots.  I don't know if they are the same width though, so read the reviews.  I bought these shoes knowing they wouldn't be very wide because a few people already mentioned it, so you definitely won't be caught off guard if you read reviews. (I knew about the not quite white purse too)

3.5/5, they aren't very wide.  If you don't have narrow feet like mine, it's probably best that you order a size up or look elsewhere and just make the belt garters.

Link I got them from
Size: L
Color: White (refers to the parka itself)

This dress is absolutely the most comfortable thing I own.  I mean, the fabric is so soft.  Even the lace they use is soft.  It's the very definition of what a cutsew is.
Even on my long legs, the dress comes to finger length.  Just the right length for me.
As you can see from above, I got a large.  Great choice, actually.  The medium size is more like small sized.  I'm sure I could have worn the medium dress, but just barely.  My bust line is 84cm, I don't know if I would have been able to wear the parka.  I'm not a busty girl, even compared to petite girls like myself, but I think I would have certainly overflowed in a medium, lol.

The dress itself also has shirring on the back for extra stretching, and the straps are adjustable.  The fabric also has a good deal of stretching, so I'm sure someone larger than I can try it too, if you don't mind the chest area not really being where the chest is, lol.

But make sure you wear something under it!!
Being that it's T-shirt material, it's really sheer.  And form fitting.  It will cling to every curve you've got.  Every.  Single.  One.

I wore some cute culottes I got from a Bodyline outfit under it (it's long been discontinued, so I can't send a link), with a nice white turtleneck (one that is also quite sheer, lol).  I had to do some maneuvering because you could see the bottom of my turtleneck under it. (Every.  Curve.)

Also, the dress is kind of shapeless.   On profile, it makes me look like I have a really wide waist and no butt.  Well, I don't really have a butt anyway, but it looks like it just goes from back to legs, lol.
But in the end, I do like it.  It's so soft and comfortable.  Perfect for some nice 50°F weather when I'm running errands.  Maybe I can stick that pink bow from my Bodyline dress to it?  Ah, I need to make a cute headband!

4/5 because it's really sheer.  Pay attention to sizes!

Besides that, I discovered a new wig shop.
Actually it's not new, but recently, they've been offering hair pieces, not unlike some of Prisila's.

But don't expect too many milk tea browns or orange blonds in there.  There's a few wigs in the blond range, and the lightest their hair pieces go seem to be something called Caramel.  They have a color swatch on their pages, so you can see for yourself.  Do pay attention, I think they just upload them as they go, so one 'Coffee' might be 'Light brown' elsewhere.

Clair Beauty
They've got hair pieces, half wigs, ponytails, and full wigs.  The few reviews I saw for them seem to be favorable.

I'd really like to get one of their bangs though.  They have a cool way of wearing them, where you put them in the middle of your scalp, and it's got hair all around, so it looks more natural.


  1. Wow, your legs are so pretty! XD

  2. Thank you~<3 I love how they hide my little deer ankles XD;

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    I love Yumetenbou too <3

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