Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm doing even worse at my schedule. Today, I didn't go to sleep until sometime around 4a.... Yet, I still woke up at 7a, then again at the end of 8a. In fact, I decided to wake up this time. Yesterday, I only slept until sometime after 1a, yet I ended up going back to sleep a lot. I woke up 3 times during my 7a-9a window, then I just kept going, until I think noon.... to which I went back to sleep until around 6p, lol. It was a lazy day.

I dream a lot, every day, and they usually very strange dreams. I could go on every day about some crazy thing that happened in one, however, today I want to talk about a specific dream that I had a few days off of 2 years ago, the day I finally confronted my attacker. As a kid, I used to have a lot of dreams where I was running from something. It was never an unknown thing, it was always something I could see that was definitely scary, like a giant dinosaur, or a clearly evil man with a gun, and once from giant meteors. I used to wake up exhausted, because though my body was stuck in sleep paralysis, it still struggled to move. Most, if not all of the time, I couldn't actually run, or I found that running only made me move slowly, so I had to run like an animal on all fours, or lay on the air and pull at the ground beneath me, gliding away. Well, on Oct. 8th, 2008, it started off like many of my dreams, a threat coming, and me having to run. But things got a little different this time. Near the end of my dream, I became tired of the chase. I turned around and decided to employ some ingenuity, trying to sneak up on the man. I finally stood up to him, and attacked him back, filled with all of the rage and frustration from the hundreds of chase dreams before! You know what happened? He just turned and smiled! That's when I realized that all of this time, he had been testing me, wanting to see if I would ever confront him.

I don't know what happened on October 8th or shortly before it to warrant this dream, but ever since that day, I never had another dream where I was chased. Nowadays, I occasionally have a dream where I'm chasing something though, which seems to mean I'm being ambitious.

Today's dream, I was chasing after someone who left their dress behind, but I was just reminded of that particular dream. I wonder what happened that day. I'm certainly glad about it though. I was so exhausted after those dreams, and this was before I went to the doctor about my anemia, so it was even worse....

Himena Osaki is just so cute~! Lately, she's been catching up with Riho in my eyes as favorite.

Wahhhh~! She's being especially cute here <333

I think if she ever stopped being into Hime-kei, I'd cry. Well, not really, but I'd be pretty disappointed. I know she probably doesn't incorporate this style into everything she does (like I really want to, but that's because I really like this whole thing) and the picture above certainly isn't a representation of what she might wear on a daily basis or even on a weekly basis (lol, I think I would totally wear this kind of thing at least every Saturday. PRINCESS DAY!). But she always comes off as very princess-y no matter what. I think I want to be the more regal type.... Well, not that I would go around pretending to be a princess or something, just, I want to be that proper type, who look through people with absolutely no class. Although it seems like following in "The Situation"s footsteps is the cool thing to do nowadays, ugh. I guess I'll only look like I'm stuck up, but it's for the best. Those are the type of people I never want to associate with anyway, so they should think I'm unapproachable!

Also, her really cute nails, just because I really liked them.

Anyway, Blogger is being odd right now, randomly bolding things and making things small, so I'm going to end here. I wonder what I'll do all day. It feels like it'll be full of watching Let's Plays, mixed with maybe a few rounds of Kirby Air Ride ^_^

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