Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 4: Developing Those "Pro" Techniques


So something pretty cool happened this week. 
Last Saturday was the start of my monthly hormonal breakout.  That morning, my skin was covered in huge bumps that I couldn't do anything about.   I figured it was just something I would have to just accept as what would always happen, and just have to wait it out, dealing with the aftermath.  I continued my regimen and figured I would have to skip my trials for the week.  After all, if it wasn't working or was harming my skin, how would I even know the difference? 

But in just a couple days, most of those bumps were gone!   They had either disappeared entirely or shrunk down significantly.  Was it the snail?  Was it the honey?  Combo of both?  Usually, my acne lasts for at least a week.  I'm sure I'll always have to deal with hormonal acne popping up every month, but it's great that my products help prevent it from being a bigger problem than usual. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 3: My First Product Miss!


Week three has finished, and my skin seems to improve every day!  I'm probably blowing through testing my products a little quickly....  My original goal was to test one product over a week, but it ended up being around 3 days each, lol.  Pretty much everything I've purchased and tried so far has been giving me great results.   It could just be that my skin is happy I'm paying attention to it, but whatever the case is, it's a lot happier. 

But, I can say that I've come across my first complete miss.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 2: The Geum Sul Love Affair


Before I started this challenge, I worried I would have no motivation.  I've been super tired and stressed from work, and I figured I would want to just get home and not worry about some daily task.   I had to make some specific conditions in order to make sure I did it everyday.

Waking up early wasn't a problem, since I get up at least an hour and a half before I have to be at work.   The problem is I tend to want to lounge for that extra time.   I felt that if I got ready early, it would send a signal to my brain telling me to get into work mode, and I just didn't want to have to deal with that so soon, lol.  But if I waited too late, I knew I would just rush through everything, and probably skip the regimen to save time.   As for the evening, I knew if I started my regimen too late, I would be too tired to do anything and it would become a chore.   So I had to make a plan.  I told myself that I would allow for 10-15 minutes of lounging time in the morning, and then I would have to get up and do it.  As for nighttime, I told myself that I could start sometime between 7:30p and 8:30p, so when I got sleepy, it would already be out of the way.   It actually worked!  Now I'm pretty happy to do it, and I even think about it when I'm at work, lol. 

Last week, I started Missha's Misa Geum Sul Essence Booster, and oh goodness, I feel like royalty~

I think the idea behind it is to help more mature skin, like my own now that I'm 30.   It's got a lot of anti-wrinkle ingredients.  It was my most expensive purchase at $33 even while on sale, but I adored it the second it touched my skin. 

It has a pretty strong perfume scent, so if you're sensitive to that, you'd unfortunately have to avoid this.   The scent even lingers for a while as well.  Still, it's a lovely scent, like a sweet musk.  The listing for this on RoseRoseShop calls this an essence, but it's actually a "first essence"--a product that is supposed to boost other products' effects, and meant to go on before toning.   It kind of changed my plan a bit, since I was hoping for an essence to work on my skin in the evening, lol.  I put it on after my Mizon toner and AHA, since I worry that the AHA will strip away the benefits of the Geum Sul booster before it reaches anything. 

Anyway, day one of testing, and my skin felt like the softest velvet. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 1: The Haul

Hello all~

As I promised, I returned this week!   I've been working on this post bit by bit over the week as I added new information, but somehow, I ended up deleting the entire entry!   I don't know how "undo this one thing I just did" equals "erase everything that you've done over the last couple of days".  From now on, I'm doing my entries on a document page and copy/pasting it over.  I'm so sad!  I'm glad it happened early in the day rather than right before the post was scheduled!

Anyway, I've been super diligent in doing my regimen twice daily, and I've noticed a huge improvement in the past couple of days.   My acne has greatly reduced, and a lot of my cysts have either come to a head for extraction or just gone away.  My skin doesn't get super oily like it usually does by the end of the day, and a lot of current scars came off.  By day two, a whole bunch of gunk came out of my pores!  Much of it looked like it had been in them for a long time.  Once I got it all cleared out, it never happened again.  I still have a few pimples come up, but they are smaller than usual, and I still have a few the cysts I've been battling on my jawline for the past few months, but they're coming up a little more every day.  There's a lot of work to be done, but I'm finally headed to healthier skin! 

So let me show you all the things I got to try!