Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 2: The Geum Sul Love Affair


Before I started this challenge, I worried I would have no motivation.  I've been super tired and stressed from work, and I figured I would want to just get home and not worry about some daily task.   I had to make some specific conditions in order to make sure I did it everyday.

Waking up early wasn't a problem, since I get up at least an hour and a half before I have to be at work.   The problem is I tend to want to lounge for that extra time.   I felt that if I got ready early, it would send a signal to my brain telling me to get into work mode, and I just didn't want to have to deal with that so soon, lol.  But if I waited too late, I knew I would just rush through everything, and probably skip the regimen to save time.   As for the evening, I knew if I started my regimen too late, I would be too tired to do anything and it would become a chore.   So I had to make a plan.  I told myself that I would allow for 10-15 minutes of lounging time in the morning, and then I would have to get up and do it.  As for nighttime, I told myself that I could start sometime between 7:30p and 8:30p, so when I got sleepy, it would already be out of the way.   It actually worked!  Now I'm pretty happy to do it, and I even think about it when I'm at work, lol. 

Last week, I started Missha's Misa Geum Sul Essence Booster, and oh goodness, I feel like royalty~

I think the idea behind it is to help more mature skin, like my own now that I'm 30.   It's got a lot of anti-wrinkle ingredients.  It was my most expensive purchase at $33 even while on sale, but I adored it the second it touched my skin. 

It has a pretty strong perfume scent, so if you're sensitive to that, you'd unfortunately have to avoid this.   The scent even lingers for a while as well.  Still, it's a lovely scent, like a sweet musk.  The listing for this on RoseRoseShop calls this an essence, but it's actually a "first essence"--a product that is supposed to boost other products' effects, and meant to go on before toning.   It kind of changed my plan a bit, since I was hoping for an essence to work on my skin in the evening, lol.  I put it on after my Mizon toner and AHA, since I worry that the AHA will strip away the benefits of the Geum Sul booster before it reaches anything. 

Anyway, day one of testing, and my skin felt like the softest velvet. 

It was super moisturized and soft, and the effect lasted well into the next day.  You know how skin feels when you just step out of the shower?  That's how it felt.  On day 5, I started putting it on my face.  There were no breakouts, and it feels like my hydrating toner (the Skinfood one) actually absorbed better.  I'll be introducing the Mizon Steblanc ampoule this week, so I hope it'll help in boosting its effect.

Last week was also when I tested Neulii's Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum, and I must admit, I was pretty impressed!   I noticed my skin getting smoother that very day of using this product.  I usually test my products on my neck and under my jaw, but for these samples, I just put them on my face, since I didn't want to waste the product only putting it on my neck.  So with that said, it was completely unaffected by my use of the Geum Sul, and can say this was only due to this serum.   My acne scars seemed to lighten faster, and my skin seemed brighter and more even.  I can see the hype for snail now!  Again, I'll have to see what changes now that I'm out and see if I want to purchase a full size.  Anti-wrinkle isn't a current goal while I have so many other problems to deal with on my skin, but if it really helped this much on everything else, it may be worth it to have around.

Neulii officially released today, I believe!  I wish them a lot of luck! 

Overall, my skin has been improving greatly in the past couple of weeks.  I'm also prone to sebaceous filaments on and around my nose, but they seem to come out easier and have gotten smaller, leaving a lot of my pores able to return to their normal size.  I know I'll never fully get rid of them (just part of the oily skin package, unfortunately), but they're a lot less noticeable now.  I haven't been getting as many pimples as I usually do these days.  I still have a lot of scars that have to finish healing, a lot of damaged skin to wash away, and a lot of marks to lighten, but my skin is far smoother and acne has reduced greatly.  I certainly don't deal with obvious peeling skin every day like before, which means I don't have to scrub my face every morning to get rid of it.  Excess oil has *greatly* reduced, even after a whole day in the hot kitchen.  Looks like my skin has been dehydrated for a long time. 
All in all, my challenge is going well, and I'm having a lot of fun doing it. 

This Week's Product Lineup
Day: Cleanser, Skinfood Royal Honey Essential Toner, Lotion
Night: Tonymoly Clean Dew Apple Mint Cleansing Oil, Cleanser, Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner, Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum (reduced to once every other day), Missha MISA Geum Sul First Essence Booster, Skinfood Royal Honey Essential Toner
Test: Mizon Water Volume Ex First Essence (day), Mizon Steblanc Black Snail Repair Ampoule (night)

I'm running out of my day cream, so I'll get to try my Missha Sun Milk soon.  It's got high SPF and is supposed to smooth out pores.  I just purchased some samples of Tonymoly's Red Appletox Honey cream samples to pair with it, since I have no idea how hydrating the sun milk is.  I read a bunch of good reviews on it, so I'm pretty excited.  I also ordered Mizon's Twilight Essence mist, since I discovered that the Tosowoong tea tree mist I got is more cooling and therefore better during the summer, rather than hydrating like I wanted.  I swear I'm not a Mizon fangirl or anything (I could be soon though!), their products just happen to catch my eye all the time.

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