Saturday, October 20, 2012

Metal X Hostess Style??

Hello all~

Have you ever heard of the band Aldious?

I'm not big into Japanese music, really.
In fact, most of my knowledge of it comes from DDR songs, lol.  Besides Maximum the Hormone, I've never listened to a full album from any particular artist.

But, while thumbing through an issue of KERA (which I've never seen at Mitsuwa until today), I noticed an interesting photo of girls dressed like hostesses that you'd see in an issue of Ageha, but everyone was holding instruments.

I was intrigued, so I decided to do a bit of research.

Turns out Aldious is an all-girl metal band.
An all-girl -METAL- band!
Hair swinging, fast drumming, metal rock music!  It blew my mind!

I need this dress in order to stay alive.
Toki is my favorite, and I bet you can't guess at all why.

Then again, I also like Sawa, because I have an affinity towards bassists (I used to imagine myself as a bassist in a famous band who wore really fancy clothing, like, 7 years ago, lol)

They're kind of a new inspiration to me, lol.
They get all dressed up and rock out.  Just earlier today, I was thinking about getting all my makeup on and putting my hair pieces in, and going out for a bit, but I decided not to, because it seemed way too extravagant for a trip to the mall and whatnot (even if it is the 10th biggest mall in the US, lol).  I should just have fun and let loose.  I mean, I'm always waiting for the proper occasion to do my thing... and when exactly *is* that occasion?  Only when I've got a lot of Hime clothes?  Only when I'm wearing a fancy dress?  When I'm going somewhere important?  When I'm meeting someone?

Anyway, check them out if you get the chance.  I like their music, but even if you don't like that genre, you can always mute it and look at the pretty images.  Well, between them thrashing their hair about, lol.


  1. Haven't heard of the band, but they sure look like an interesting bunch. ^^; I don't listen to metal, so that might explain things...

    I bet you like Toki because she is the most "gyaru" out of the bunch! :P (Just kidding, but if I'm on the money, Yay!)

    Sometimes I feel a bit that way as well whenever I'm going anywhere simple, from going to the mall or to run errands. Am I too dressy for this part? Well, I figured that unless you go to events and parties often, you probably won't be getting the right opportunities anytime soon. So might as well "rock it out" and change any occasion to a special occasion. Who said that we can't look our best everyday? 8D Aldious certainly didn't!

    1. Can't say I listen to much metal either. In fact, Maximum the Hormone may be the only metal band I listen to, lol.

      You know, at first, I liked her most because she was the 'Hime' of the group, but as I looked through her blog, she seems like a genuinely likable person. She's goofy and seems to like old school video games (especially the Slimes from the Dragon Quest series). She's pretty charming as a person.

      That's so true. I'm always telling myself "next time", but then next time comes, and I say it all over again. I feel like I just don't have enough (clothing, skill, etc.) to do it all. I wear my cute clothes, but I never go that extra step. I really should just go out there and be myself, even if I will just go out and come back home to wash it all off, lol.

  2. They are too awesome to be true and yet they are very true. That is just so, so cool. I've never heard of them before, I'm just dumbstruck from the awesomeness. I really like the blonde guitarist too (hair, outfit, instrument), but I get you on the bass part! I also have a special place in my heart that bassists automatically get tucked away into. I love the bass; it's my #1 favourite instrument, but I cannot play it, haha.

    You hesitated getting dressed up?! O____O Even to go shopping? Girl, why are you aspiring to be a lifestyle Hime Gyaru? XD Get dressed up, you know you want to! =D I will get gussied up even if I'm going to the laundromat just because I can and I like it. Hime is supposed to be fancy and dressy every day, right? I mean, I completely understand if you're feeling too tired or sick, if you're too rushed to get out the door, or if you have to wear a uniform to work. Otherwise, I think you should have any fun you want just because you can and bloody well feel like it! Hime-fy yourself before going out next time, I think you'll feel great. ;)

    1. She's too cute, and she likes video games and seems to be all around very likable (at least in the photos in her blog, lol). And I'm happy to see that I'm not alone on the bass love! XD

      I'm under that "I don't have enough to do it" ceiling.... I always keep feeling like the clothing I own just isn't fancy enough to wear over-the-top hair and makeup. But that's part of the fun of Hime-kei, isn't it? That's what attracted me to the style in the first place! I really should loosen up, and show everyone my true self ^^

  3. Well, I'm bassist, so I love bassists too! She's so cute and stunning! I love her hair & make-up!

    1. They really are an interesting group. I wonder how they get everything to still look good after waving their hair around for a few sets o_o