Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What I Would Tell Beginner Gyaru Me

Hello all~!

In March of 2013, Mitsu of Universal Doll posted an entry on what you would tell your beginner Gyaru self after having been in the fashion for a while.

I've recently gone back to that post, as I had posted in it when she put up the entry.  It made me think about my current route and how far I've come to reach this point.   Feels like only last year that I was staring in awe at the pretty Jesus Diamante dresses and wishing for one of their famous shoes.

This one specifically.
Times have certainly changed since those days (though I still want those shoes), and I've grown and learned a lot about my style and what I hope to achieve.   Even in the short period of time in which I wrote my comment on her page, I've learned even more.

So I wanted to take the time to talk to past newbie Gyaru me, knowing what I know now and going through what I've gone through.

Dear Beginner Gyaru Tiffany,

So you've decided to embark on a new journey to a new you, now with 200% more self-love, and your first step was to finally start wearing the things that make you feel pretty.   That was a really big first step for you!  It's 2010, you've just discovered those really awesome Ageha scans, and you've finally chosen a direction that seems to make you happy.  But you know you've got a long road ahead of you.   So here I am, totally wise and extra amazing (maybe) future you to help guide you!  I know, I'm so kind and wonderful....  Hey, don't roll your eyes at me!

I've got a lot to say, so listen up!

To start off, I'm going to save you the trouble.  Tea tree castile soap.  It is the best thing you will ever buy and put on your face.   Start using it.  Use it daily.  Doing your makeup will be so much more difficult when you're trying to put on a billion layers just to cover up your acne scars.   Don't be lazy about it either, because the acne will eventually come back.  Just do it.  And when you can, invest in an automatic face brush.   You'll thank me in about 2 weeks when you finally have smooth and cystic acne free skin for the first time since junior high.

Second, only one layer of BB cream.  Stop layering it on.  It just looks caked on and bad.   And stop telling yourself that your makeup is just going to make you look ashen and dull and give you shiny skin.  Pick another cream.  Don't resign yourself to your makeup fate!  I know it sucks to waste money, but it's better than continuing to put it on and looking like you're trying to cover some embarrassing face tattoo.  And study some contouring.   It'll really help.  Don't worry too much, I only just realized this a year ago myself....

And your makeup collection will look a little like this one day.
Practice!  Yeah, I know you've been slacking.   But then I'll have to spend forever removing it, I hear you whining.  That's why my first tip was tea tree castile soap.  The stuff cuts through makeup like a warm knife through butter, and heals your skin while it does it.   Save the makeup remover for your eye makeup.  But then I'll have to waste the makeup, I hear you protesting.  Sure, or you can only use it when you're going out.  And look like a 4-year old who got into her mom's makeup because you didn't practice.  Just practice, okay?  Embrace the inner perfectionist, not the inner miser, and Get.  It.  Right. You'll get better over time, and then you won't have to waste your makeup anymore. 

Stop only looking at Hime styles.   I know, that's what you're trying to do.  But you are totally narrowing the field and boxing yourself in.  I know you like other styles.   It's okay to like them.  It's okay to learn about them.  It's okay to try to mix them in with your style.  It's okay to come up with your own style.  Look at everything.  If you like the outfit, save the photo.  If you like the color scheme, save the photo.  Even if you just like the feel of the outfit, save the photo.  It'll keep the style fresh and you won't get bored or feel trapped.  There may be rules to the style, but there's no rules to you!  You'll have so much more fun if you give yourself the freedom to customize a bit.

You won't stop loving that Gyaru makeup and hair though.

Be patient.  I know, it feels like everyone in the world has mastered the style in three days and is now the best Gyaru ever, and you're sitting there spinning your wheels in the mud.   But they haven't.  And you aren't.  Don't just buy something because it fits the Hime mold you're trying to fill, even though you know it's not particularly something you like.  You're never going to wear those things you bought.   You'll donate them.  Trust me.  I was there.  When I... you... we bought them.  Just take your time and keep studying the styles you like.  And save that money for something you know you'll wear!

And finally, but I'm sure most importantly, don't be afraid to be true to yourself.  No, your true friends and family won't laugh at you or tell you that you look ugly (your grandma will assume you're doing this to please other men, but she won't hate it.  Mostly.).  They love you and think it'll fit you perfectly.   Actually, they just want you to be happy more than anything.  It's super scary stepping outside of your comfort zone, I know, but eventually it will become your new comfort zone, one that you'll actually like being in and not one you're only in because it's what you've known forever.

Do you know how happy you were when you got this far in 2012?  The happiest.
Eventually you'll be finding your own style and learning to be the best you that you can possibly be.  But it's fine to take your time.  You're a late bloomer, and that's okay.  There's no time limit.  Even if we never figure it out until we're 50, you've got to be you every single day of your life, so don't be afraid of what that might mean.  We're learning every day and coming closer to the most me-like me ever, and even if it might feel like you're the only one who has to go through this or that it's a million years away, don't worry, because you're doing fine (also, you're sooo not alone).  You'll have to work hard, and you'll definitely make mistakes, but don't ever be afraid to bring the inner you outside for everyone to see because it's a very pretty and far happier you, trust me.  I believe in you!

With all the love I can give,

P.S.: You actually look super nice in skinny jeans and dresses, so stop hating your legs already!

I think that's everything I'd say to my past self, more or less.  I'd like to think she'd feel encouraged, if she read this.
Is there anything you'd like to tell the you in the past who's just starting your fashion, whatever it may be?

In other news, I've paid to ship my 2 fukubukuro, so I'm just waiting for them to arrive.   They should actually be in very soon!  I sent the money Thursday evening (which was around Friday afternoon their time), so they didn't send it until Saturday evening.  When I checked the tracking, not even expecting it to work yet, it said it was already in Chicago!   As long as nothing stops or slows it down (like the -14°F weather we had last week! We've had a lot of blizzards here, but it hasn't been that cold in around a decade!), I should be seeing it today~!!  The Liz Lisa packs were revealed quite some time ago (and I think I'll be keeping most if not all of them as long as they look good on me), but I've been trying to find out what's I could get in the Axes Femme one, and it seems to be somewhat random.  I've seen a few consistencies between them, and I've determined what I might get, but which ones are still up in the air, and the colors were very rarely consistent, so I really could just get anything.   Still, I liked what I saw, so I think I'll like the things I get.  But I noticed I'm only getting one pair of bottoms among the 13 pieces of clothing, lol.  I know what I'm going to have to start investing in....


  1. I think there's something so sweet about letters to your past self~ Lol. I really enjoyed reading that. It's going to be funny when you read it in a few years time too ^.^ YAY!! Lucky Pack post will be soon then!!!

    1. I'm glad you liked it~<3 Yes, the lucky pack post will be soon! Hopefully by February 1st, actually, since I've really got to clean out the cabinet I use to take clothing photos on. I've accumulated a collection of things, in there, lol....

  2. Hi~ this is such a good post! I think starting a journey on finding the new you is one of the hardest things you could ever do, and your advice and tips are really helpful! I've always wanted to change my style and become more Gyaru but I've never had the courage to really do it, but after reading this I think I might just try to, so thank you! Merry Christmas by the way!!