Sunday, February 19, 2012

Les Merveilleuses de LADURÉE + Life

Hello again!
I just can't seem to stay away from my blog, lol.

But this is kind of a special entry, because I've recently discovered the most princess-iest princess brand of makeup that I've seen since Jill Stuart, and wouldn't you know it, the brand that makes Jill Stuart AND Anna Sui makeup is working on this as well!

Les Merveilleuses de LADURÉE

Now, Ladurée is originally a pastry shop that specializes in macarons.  Don't ask me how they got involved in makeup, but I'm really glad they did!  They just came out last January.  I only discovered them because one of the Jesus Diamante girls got the set for their birthday.  Man, they get some expensive things at their store for their birthdays.

Take a look at some of their products!