Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shopping Spree! (Part 2 - Even More Stuff!) (PIC HEAVY)

Hello all~

I've recently come to a realization.
I really like to shop, lol.

I know, that's so typical, right?  Girls liking to shop?  Well, I never used to like shopping.  Actually, I used to find it pretty pointless.

Anyway, why am I saying this?  Well, since my last post, I've added a ton of pieces to my wardrobe.  Seriously, as I was originally finishing this, a bunch of items I ordered on Ebay came in, and then when I finally finished adding those to this post, even *more* things arrived.   And then I bought a lot of things....  Well finally, everything I've ordered has arrived, I've tried everything on, and I can finally talk about them.

So, let's continue, shall we?